Sunday, September 22, 2013

Inhuman (Fetch series #1) by Kat Falls

I've been on a major young adult paranormal/dystopian kick this weekend. Yesterday I finished a book called Inhuman. It was really interesting. It is a dystopian book. A plague was released accidently into the human population and if people are bitten, they become like animals, inhuman and feral. The corporation who boo booed and let it loose, Titan, built a wall on the western side of the Mississippi River, containing the virus to the eastern area of the United States. The book takes place between Davenport, Ia and Chicago. Delaney Park is set with a task to "fetch" an item from Chicago, going out into the feral zone to find it. The chances of death are about 99%. We meet some interesting characters in Everson, the line guard, and Rafe, the not infected but seemingly feral boy raised in the feral zone. I really enjoyed it and hope the next book comes out soon.