Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Robyn Carr Read Alikes

So, over the last couple of years I became addicted to Robyn Carr's Virgin River series. I've told tons of people about them, and gotten them hooked. The Virgin River is a series centered around this tiny little town in California called Virgin River.. I was totally hooked from the first book titled "Virgin River".  The characters all are reoccurring, but each book focuses on one couple.  Mrs Carr is soooo nice that she also releases 3 to 4 books Every Single Year. Its awesome not to have to wait a whole year or more for a new book! And I enjoy them all.

So, I recently went searching for some "Read Alikes". Similar writing style, or similar story. These are what I have come up with.

Emily March- Eternity Springs series. Its another series that centers on one lil town, this one in Colorado I think, with the same reoccurring characters.  My only issue, they say the word "God" more often than I like, but I do not consider this a Christian Fiction.. There are some pretty detailed sex scenes. All in all, a GREAT series. Book 1 is Angel's Rest

Toni Blake- Destiny Series- Book one is One Reckless Summer. Once again, it focuses on a small town in Ohio,  with reoccurring characters. Very much enjoyed these.

Jill Gregory- Lonesome Way series, hehe again.. small town, this time in Montana.. Woot!! Cowboys ladies! Anyways, Im actually only about halfway through book 1: Sage Creek, but Im enjoying it so much I added it to this list.

Also on my TO READ list that I found were similar to Virgin River are : Christina Skye's "A Home by the Sea"   and Bella Riley's " Home Sweet Home" which is titled a Emerald Lake Novel. They are both first in series I believe, along with the Jill Gregory.

Don't forget Linda Lael Miller's McKettricks series (I hear theres a new cowboy series starting as well!) and Catherine Anderson's Kendrick/Harrigan series. Those are also great.

I'm also a fan of Susan Mallery, Deirdre Martin.... the list goes on an on.. But here's a few for y'all to start with.

Warning, these ARE romance novels, they DO have happy ever afters, and they DO have graphic sex scenes, but we aren't talking BDSM or anything. They are feel good stories. Wonder what I come up with next?


  1. You should add Sherryl Woods to that list. She has the "Sweet Magnolias" series and the "Chesapeake Shores" series. The "Sweet Magnolia" series takes place in a small South Carolina town called "Serenity" and the Chesapeake Shores takes place in Chesapeake Shores, Maryland. Both are great series!

  2. I have read some of Woods' books but not all, thank you for adding her because she is a good Read Alike!