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Pamela Palmer's latest Feral Warriors... I love Wulfe!!

************** Thank you Edelweiss for and advanced copy of this book**********

They are called Feral Warriors—an elite band of immortals who can change shape at will. Sworn to rid the world of evil, consumed by sorcery and seduction, their wild natures are primed for release...

The most enigmatic and tortured of the Feral Warriors, Wulfe is haunted by the quiet beauty of a human woman who no longer remembers him. Once a captive of both the Mage and the Ferals, Natalie stole a piece of his heart before he took her memories and sent her safely back to her fiancé. But now the Mage are threatening her again, and Wulfe will risk anything to protect her.

Natalie Cash is stunned when she's saved by a wolf who shifts suddenly into a splendidly built, if badly scarred, man, a man with the kindest eyes. Swept into a world of intrigue and danger beyond her comprehension, she turns to the powerful Wulfe, finding a passion she'd only dreamed of. But when time runs out, they must trust one another and surrender to a wild, untamed love.

I have been a huge fans of Ms Palmers for a long time now. The Feral Warriors has always been one of my go to paranormal romances, and as the Reader's Advisory expert at my public library, I always steer anyone wanting vampires, shifters, witches or other paranormal things to Ms Palmer's books. This story was no different than the others as in.. it was great!! Now, Im terrible at reviews, everyone knows that. I can't deconstruct a story and analyze it, all I know is if I like it or not.

I liked Natalie and I was very happy to finally see Wulfe have a happy ending. His story is very interesting in that he didn't know he had Daemon blood til recently, but he always had the ability to take a human's pain into himself.  Wulfe's scars came from a failed attempt to save a young lady when he was young but he has always blamed himself for her death. Then, he was mated to the previous Radiant, but it was not a happy mating. Beatrice resented being mated to Wulfe because of his scars, but when she died, it left Wulfe scarred emotionally more than physically.  But Natalie doesn't see the scars. First she meets the wolf and falls in love with him, and then she meets the man. She is able to easily look past the scars and see the man behind them. Its so darned sweet!! And she is reunited with her brother Xavier because Wulfe unknowingly turned Natalie into some kind of key to channeling power.. Satanan is thrilled to say the least.

In the end, Natalie is dying, the Ferals are losing their animals.. and Wulfe can fix it all but he runs the risk of turning evil himself.. sigh. The only thing I didn't like about this book... it sounds like she is bringing the series to and end.. but we still need Grizz's story and the other new Ferals!! OMG!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Juliet Blackwell's Witchcraft Mysteries sucked me in

Lily Ivory is not your average witch. Her spell-casting powers tend to draw mischievous spirits while keeping normal humans at a distance. But now her vintage clothing store could give her a chance to make friends in San Francisco....

Lily hopes for a normal life when she opens Aunt Cora's Closet. With her magical knack for vintage fashion -she can sense vibrations of the past from clothing and jewelry—her store becomes a big hit.

But when a client is murdered and children start disappearing from the Bay Area, Lily may be the only one who can unravel the crime. She tries to keep her identity a secret while investigating, but it's not easy—especially under the spells of sexy "mythbuster" Max Carmichael and powerful witch Aidan Rhodes. Will Lily's witchy ways be forced out of the closet?

This is a great series I just found! If you liked Madelyn Alt or Shirley Damsgaard, give this series a whirl!

Lily Ivory has never fit in. She traveled the world and has finally settled in San Fransisco and opened a vintage clothing store. Whats the catch? She's a witch. She tries to hide her true self, while searching for vintage clothes and dressing the world. She gets wind of a little old lady with a bunch of vintage clothes, so her sometimes helper Maya takes her over there. She finds a gold mine of vintage clothes, but also finds a screaming demon stealing children and a little old lady who isn't what she appears.

Lily is on a mission to save Jessica, a lovely little girl she met and is determined to save when she figures out she was kidnapped by a demon. Meet crazy creatures, handsome witches, and sexy as hell non believers. This was a great story! On to book 2!

Heather Blake's Wishcraft Mysteries are wonderful!

Darcy Merriweather and her sister, Harper, hail from a long line of witches who have the power to grant wishes using spells. They've come to Enchanted Village in Salem, Massachusetts, to join the family business, but they soon find themselves knee deep in murder...

Until three weeks ago, Darcy and Harper were working dead-end jobs and trying to put their troubles behind them. Then their aunt Velma delivered a bombshell: They're actually Wishcrafters - witches with the power to grant wishes with a mere spell. Wanting a fresh start, they head to their aunt's magic-themed tourist town to master their newfound skills.

But their magic fails them when a wannabe witch turns up dead - strangled with Aunt Ve's scarf - and Ve's sweetheart, Sylar, is found looming over the body. Ve is standing by her man, but Darcy overheard Skylar wish that the victim would disappear - forever. With Harper distracted by her handsome new crush, Darcy is determined to sleuth her way to the truth. But it'll take more than a wish to unravel this mystery....

Recently I got got into reading these little witchy mysteries.. I have, for a long time, loved Madelyn Alt and Shirley Damsgaard... who both have failed to deliver a  new book which makes me very very sad!!  So I went looking for other authors. I found Ms Blake's series and I really enjoyed them!! There are three in the series with #4 to come out soon. I would suggest this book to anyone who likes a little mystery, a little humor, a little romance, and a little magic :)

Feehan finally releases Dimitri and Skyler's story.. is it worth it?

In Dark Lycan, Christine Feehan journeyed into the heart of the Carpathians, and into the souls of two lifemates stirred by the flush of passion and the threat of annihilation. In Dark Wolf, the breathtaking story continues as the bonds of family are imperiled, and the fate of two lovers lies hidden in the seductive shadows between life and death.

Skyler Daratrazanoff always recognized the miracle that was Dimitri Tirunul, a man beyond any dream that had ever engaged her nights. But she was human. Vulnerable. He was Carpathian. Nearly immortal. She was nineteen. He was an ancient. Yet she held half his soul, the light to his darkness. Without her, he would not survive. Caught between the two warring species, Dimitri has spent centuries hunting the undead to keep his people free, and humans safe. He had survived honorably when others had chosen to give up their souls. But now, marked for extermination by the Lycans, Dimitri found himself alone, and fearing for his life. But salvation was coming…

No Lycan would ever suspect someone like Skyler to dare mount a secret rescue operation. A teenage girl. A human of untested abilities. But she had something no one else had. She was predestined for Dimitri—as he was for her. And there was nothing stronger for Skyler than her desire to see her life-dream come true. Whatever the risk.

Finally.. after a decade.. Skyler is nineteen.. grown up.. 

At the end of Dark Lycan, there was a huge battle and Dimitri was taken captive. The Carpathians were told that Dimitri was safe until the council met with the Carpatians. But Skyler knows differently. Her amazing connection to Dimitri is cut off. She can't communicate with him, and she knows the only way that would happen was if he were dead or if he were blocking her. She knows he isnt dead. Skyler, Josef, and Paul concoct a plan to rescue Dimitri. 

Finally she is able to contact him only to find out that he is slowly being tortured to death. Because he is held by Lycans, and lycans can sense Carpathians, but they cannot sense her, they form a plan to rescue him. The plan mostly works, but due to a tracker placed on Dimitri they are quickly found. Skyler erects a protective shield, that no lycan can penetrate. There is unrest among the lycans. Some back Zev, who believes that Dimitri is not the dreaded Sanga rau (the wolf/vampire mix). The others believe that any wolf/Carpathian mix is an abomination and need to be eradicated.

I have waited ten years for Skler and Dimitri's book. The Dark series was the first vampire romance series I ever read. For many years it was my favorite. Around about Dark Demon, I started to lose interest. I kept going because I wanted.. no needed to hear Skyler's story. Unfortunately, I was disappointed.. I think I shall return to Sherrilyn Kenyon now. I'm sorry Ms Feehan.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

All new novellas to start an all new series by Donna Grant.. dragon shape shifters!

*************Thank you NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book*************

The Dark Kings are sworn to defend an ancient legacy of dragon magic. But their fiercest challenge lies in the modern world, where a woman’s love conquers all. These are their stories.

This book contains the first 3 Dark Kings prequels + a bonus story, "Passion's Claim":

"Dark Craving"

Fueled by ancient magic—and enflamed by human desire—the Dragon King known as Hal can transform himself at will into one of the legendary winged creatures he is sworn to protect. But one thing he can never do is fall in love...with a mortal woman.

"Night’s Awakening"

The dark immortal warriors were never meant to experience human desire. But when Guy, a member of an ancient order of shape-shifting warriors, meets Elena—a mere mortal whose beauty and blind ambition shakes him to his core—all bets are off...

"Dawn’s Desire"

For centuries, the Dragon Kings have hidden their shapeshifting powers from the world. But when a mortal enemy threatens to expose them, the warrior Banan must leave his secret lair in the Highlands to risk his life for the dragons within—and resist the temptations of human love.

"Passion’s Claim"

Banan has been waiting for centuries for someone like Jane. Guy knew it was love at first sight with Elena. Can two Dragon Kings commit to two immortal women for eternity? Or does fate have something else in store?

I did not know going into this that these were novellas. For anyone who knows me, I detest novellas. I feel like we are getting jipped out of a real story.

It was really no different with this one. I did enjoy each story, however I would have much prefered a long book to have a more detailed explanation about the Dragon Kings! But its okay, there will be a book coming soon! "Darkest Flame" is out in April.   I also hear, for fans of Donna Grant's other series, that this is a spin off series from the Dark Warriors and the Dark Swords. I personally have not read them so I am hoping that it doesn't matter. Anyways, these were a nice sneak peak into this new series.. Dragon Shapeshifters... Already love it!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Christine Warren's new gargoyle series starting with "Heart of Stone"


Ella Harrow is trying to carve out a normal life for herself. Well, as normal as an art geek with psychic abilities can hope for. As museum docent and gift-shop manager, Ella is able to keep her distance from people—and her powers in check—while surrounding herself with the artifacts she loves. But how on earth is she supposed to act normal when a thousand-year-old statue on the museum’s terrace suddenly comes to life?
 Not your ordinary gargoyle, Kees has been asleep for eons, waiting for a portent of evil to wake him from his slumber. Kees isn’t a vision; he’s a bat-winged guardian created to protect the world from the seven demons of the Dark. Somehow, Ella triggered his reawakening. Maybe the demons have been unleashed? Maybe his heart is finally ready to be chiseled open? The fate of the world isn’t carved in stone… yet.

I've never been a big reader of Ms Warrens books, but this was the first in a new series so I decided to give it a try. Besides, its the first time Ive come across a Gargoyle book!
Ella has always been different, and after a tragedy took her parents, one she blames herself for, she closes herself off from the world. She works in a museum and avoids people if she can. After a big even at the library, she is attacked by a seven foot tall.. thing with wings, horns, and fangs. Kees knows Ella for what she is. A Warden, a magical human able to help fight the Seven demons when they are summoned. Ella, of course, totally doesnt believe it, until she sees for herself what the servants of the demons can do. But can a gargoyle have emotion and fall in love?

It was a interesting book, not sure if I really liked it or not though. Will try the next book in the series when it comes out and see.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Nightshade returns!!.. Finally!! Ms Cremer deliver's with "Snakeroot"


Bosque Mar haunts the dreams of both Adne and Logan, trying to escape for the Nether, where Calla, Shay and the other Guardians trapped him in the final battle in the War of All Against All...

Will he turn Adne to the dark side? Will Logan reclaim his birthright? And will darkness take over our world.

It has been a very, very, very!! long wait for this, the next book in the Nightshade series. As much as I loved "Rift" and "Rise", I am so excited that Nightshade is back! My only sadness is we dont have Calla and Shay and Ren.. or do we?

The events of Bloodrose have changed the pack back into wolves, Ren is dead, but Bosque Mar is gone.. or is he?

Logan Bane has realized that his actions were horrible. Wealth means nothing without power, and he wants his power back. Discovering that Bosque Mar and Eira were not only cohorts in opening the rift but.. They had children, and Logan himself is a descendant for Mar, he can summon and talk to Mar.

Adne has lost her father and her newfound brother, but she finally has Connor. But strange nightmares and a voice in her head are confusing her.

Descension among the Searchers is growing, with the war over and no one sure exactly what their goals are now.

Sabine visits the pack occassionally, from a distance watchers her wolf family.

A ghostly Ren is forced to help Logan in his devious scheme to bring Bosque Mar back. But, of course, loopholes allow him to give warnings when he can.

Loved it! Of course, major cliffhanger, which Ms Cremer is soooo very good at! Ah! When is the next book? Please dont say a year, or two..

Newest Noble Dead Saga by Barb and JC Hendee,, best in years!


In her quest to find the Orb of Spirit, Wynn Hygeorht is torn between two men who hate each other—her vampire protector, Chane Andraso, and the elf Osha, who has tender feelings for her. Now a strange series of clues leads them to a remote keep built on the dark cliffs of the coast of Witeny. The young duke there has been undergoing some disturbing changes—and so have the people and livestock in the outlying villages. Wynn has no idea what awaits her at this keep—an old enemy who wants nothing more than to see her dead.
At the same time, Dhampir Magiere, Leesil, and Chap continue their desperate search for the Orb of Air, still burdened with the master assassin, Brot’an, and the elven outcast girl, Wayfarer. Still hunted by a team of assassins, they escape on the first available ship only to find themselves under the power of a sadistic captain. Even if they manage to survive this voyage, there is a trap waiting for them at the journey’s end that is beyond anything they can imagine….

The next book in the ongoing Noble Dead Saga, our friends are once again on an orb hunt. Wynn, Osha, Chane, and Shade stay behind in Calm Seatt to dig into the archives looking for the Spirit Orb while Magiere, Leesil, Bro'tan, Wayfarer, and Chap head south to the Suman Empire looking for the last orb. 

Premin Hawkes suddenly sends Wynn and her companions on a trip with Nickolas, another sage, who is being called home by his ailing father with odd requests for books that only premins and domins have access to. Upon arrival, weird things are happening and they stumble upon major trouble.

In the mean time, assassins are still dogging Magiere and her companions.

I wont go into a whole lot of further detail, but I think this is one of the best books in the series since the 6th Noble Dead book.

Robyn Carr redeems herself with the newest Thunder Point book "The Chance"

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 With its breathtaking vistas and down-to-earth people, Thunder Point is the perfect place for FBI agent Laine Carrington to recuperate from a gunshot wound and contemplate her future. The locals embraced Laine as one of their own after she risked her life to save a young girl from a dangerous cult. Knowing her wounds go beyond the physical, Laine hopes she'll fit in for a while and find her true self in a town that feels safe. She may even learn to open her heart to others, something an undercover agent has little time to indulge. 

Eric Gentry is also new to Thunder Point. Although he's a man with a dark past, he's determined to put down roots and get to know the daughter he only recently discovered. When Laine and Eric meet, their attraction is obvious to everyone. But while the law enforcement agent and the reformed criminal want to make things work, their differences may run too deep…unless they take a chance on each other and find that deep and mysterious bond that belongs to those who choose love over fear.

So everyone knows that I have not been extremely thrilled with this new series. The first two were extremely disappointing, the third a little better. The fourth was a whole lot better.

Laine, instrumental in the rescue of Devon and her daughter from the commune, was shot during the rescue. A few months later, she is still on leave from the FBI and decides she wants to hide out and recuperate and figure her life out, quietly in Thunder Point, where no one knows her.
Eric is trying to build up his new mechanics business in Thunder Point and connect with his daughter Ashely. Neither knew they would bump into love. But when Laine's father, who she has been on the outs with for awhile, becomes ill, Laine goes home to take care of him. Unsure when or if she will be able to get back to Eric and Thunder Point.

This was much much better than the other books!

Going Once.. Going Twice.. Sold! Sharon Sala's new series rocks!

********************** Title Received from NetGalley.. Thank You!!**************

As bodies pile up in the wake of a storm—stripped, tortured and grimly posed—authorities must admit the unthinkable. The serial killer dubbed the Stormchaser has returned following a tornado and taken it upon himself to bring the death toll up to where he believes it belongs. 

FBI investigator Wade Luckett is back on the case, assisted by an agent Wade knows professionally and personally: his ex-wife, Jo. Neither time nor the tragedy that tore them apart have blunted the ache Wade feels for brave, beautiful Jo. And though she tries to deny it, she feels the same. But the stirrings of renewed romance will have to wait until they catch a killer. 

The Stormchaser has no intention of getting caught. He's set his sights on a new victim. Jo can forget about the lifetime she dreams of spending with Wade. She'll be lucky to see another day.

We met The Stormchaser in the first book in this awesome new series by Sharon Sala "Going Once". In that book an extremely deranged man was going out just after natural disasters killing people, to get revenge on the government because his wife died while they were waiting to be rescued after Hurricane Katrina.

Three FBI Agents were on his trail and they thought they had killed him after he almost killed Tate's sweetheart Nola. Very obviously, though, he is not dead.

Tornado Alley... Tornado's ravage the Midwest and the Stormchaser is on the move again. Tate and his FBI buds head west to try and catch him again. The FBI higher ups decide to send in a new agent, Jo.. who happens to be Wade's ex-wife. Life tore Jo and Wade apart when she is shot while on the job and loses their unborn son. 

Now, they have to work together to try and catch the Stormchaser. Once again, he focuses on the love interest because they aren't part of the original "chase" and they need to go. 

Yep, I LOOOOOVED It. Ms Sala has done no wrong in a long time. I sit down with her books and don't look up again til I am finished. And if y'all haven't started following her Facebook page, you really need to. It is SO interesting! She is taking care of her elderly mother, who is spiraling quickly with dementia. She posts daily adventures with her mother, and as frustrating as it has to be for her, it is highly entertaining and, honestly, reading her posts prepares me for the future when my own parents will go down that road. She really needs to write a book about her journey! 

Okay, I am off.. Go Read This Book! 

Jill Sorenson's Badlands kept me on my toes

***********************Thank you NetGalley for alling me to read this title*****************

Book Description:

Love is the most dangerous territory of all 

Every day, bodyguard Owen Jackson puts his life on the line—and keeps his feelings for Penny Sandoval locked away. Assigned to protect Penny's father, a presidential candidate, Owen can't get emotionally involved. That is, until Penny and her young son, Cruz, are abducted and taken deep into the California badlands. 

Owen knows the bleak territory from his childhood. Worse, he knows the gang leader making ransom demands—his own brother, Shane. When a terrified Penny escapes into the desert with Cruz, Owen has to save her: from the elements and from the gang in close pursuit. Owen has hidden the darkness in his past from Penny. Now his only chance of keeping her alive is to let her see the man he really is—even if it means losing the only woman he'll ever want.

In the aftermath of an earthquake, Penny Sandoval goes into labor. Trapped, Owen Jackson helps her birth her little boy Cruz.  Owen is a prisoner, trapped as well after the earthquake. Penny's father helps Owen to get his time shortened and get out of prison sooner, grateful for his help.

Five years later, Penny's father is making a presidential election bid, and  Penny and her son are kidnapped along with Owen. Turns out its Owen's brother Shane, fresh out of prison and trying to repay a debt to the Aryan Brotherhood so he can get out and get away.

Penny and Cruz manage to escape, and are hightailing it through the badlands, a desert, where death comes easy to those who have no survival skills. Owen catches up and together, they battle heat, bad guys, and their attraction for each other to get Penny and Cruz to safety.

It was a rather enjoyable read. I sat down with it and didnt get up again til it was finished. I am going to be looking for other books by this author for sure!

Big Sky Secrets... Not that secretive..

*****************Title Received from NetGalley. Thank You!**********

Return to Parable, Montana....

Self-made tycoon Landry Sutton heads to Hangman Bend's Ranch to sell his land to his brother Zane. Though he's got cowboy in his blood, Landry plans to return to city life before the dust even settles on his boots. Of course, he didn't count on falling for Big Sky Country…or Ria Manning. 

Ria's starting to settle into country life herself…until she has a close encounter of the terrifying kind with a buffalo. Turns out the peeping monster belongs to the cowboy next door—and he has her running even more scared than his bison. She wants a home where the buffalo don't roam, and the men don't either. Could Landry's homecoming be her heart's undoing?

Ms Miller always writes a feel good book, but I feel as if her love stories are becoming.. forced. The last couple books the romance has happened lickity split, as in.. "I Can't Stand him" straight to "I love him and can't live without him!"  And it goes both ways, the men are just as quick to love as the women.

I know its a romance, its a book with a happy ending, but contemporary romance, to me, has always something.. that feels possible. This one, as was the last Parable series book, was like.. They spend a hour here and an hour there in each others company and then its the Love/Cant live without thing.

Don't get me wrong, I always like Ms Millers book. This is just a small.. blip in the road that causes a small annoyance, but does not, by any means, ruin the story.

It was another pleasant day in Montana...