Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Young Adult paranormal romance .... Hidden Wings by Cameo Renae

This is a new Young Adult title about Angels and Fallen Angels.

Description from

Recommended for young adult readers. The Hidden Wings series is a YA Paranormal / Fantasy with elements of romance, suspense, mystery, horror, and humor. 

What happens when Darkness and Light collide? 
Seventeen is a life changing age for Emma Wise. As her family's sole survivor in a car crash, she is left with a broken arm, and a few scrapes and bruises. But these are only outward marks; inside, her heart is broken and the pieces scattered. Whisked away to Alaska, to an aunt she's never met, Emma starts over. Secrets unveil themselves and now...she doesn't even know who or what she is. A centuries old prophecy places Emma in the heart of danger. Creatures of horrifying and evil proportions are after her, and it will take Emma, her aunt, and six, gorgeously, captivating Guardians to keep her safe. But, if she can survive until her eighteenth birthday... things will change.

I really enjoyed this book, but I thought it was short and parts of the story coalesced too quickly. 

Emma is a likable character, except when she's all like "Tell me what the heck is going on!", which I understand, or the "I'm not a fighter, what do I do" but then all of a sudden has a great idea. 

It had an interesting storyline, and I wish we had learned more about the Guardians. I would like to know how they met and came to live in Alaska and where they came from. I feel like big parts of the story were missing, but it was an alright read. I'm going to try to get the second book, Broken Wings, and see if any questions are answered there.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Emily March's new book Miracle Road is the BEST Angel's Rest book so far!

I received this book via NetGalley (Love you guys!) and devoured it within a few hours. I have such a hard time writing reviews, I'm just not good at it, so I will try my best!

Lucca Romano is a scarred, wounded soul. As a college basketball coach he is the one many young men look up to. On the road home from a game one night, the bus crashes, many injured and some death. Lucca blames himself, of course.  He keeps on though, until one day he breaks. He walks out and disappears with barely any calls to his family to let them know he is safe.

Lucca is pretty much dragged to Angel's Rest by his family. We met the Romano family in the previous book. They hope that Angel's Rest will help him to heal. His best healing comes from Hope Montgomery, Lucca's next door neighbor. When the previous owners dog escapes her new home and Lucca finds her (and puppies!) in his closet, he has no idea what to do and storms next door to Hope, thinking the dog belongs to her.

Hope has experienced her own tragedy. Her daughter was kidnapped and her marraige fell apart, as her husband blamed it on her. She met Celeste's sister who told her about Angel's Rest, so she moved to start her life over and to heal.

Really, I cannot say how much this book moved me. It was very heartwarming, and so feel good...... I get goosebumps when I talk about it, it was just so amazing. My description probably sucks, sorry I just don't write those very well! Its easier to just copy and paste a description and tell why I loved this book so much.

Okay I wont go on and on and on and on.. Just.. READ IT!

P.S. If you like Robyn Carr, Susan Mallery, Beth Ciotta... any good contemporary romance, then this is a series for you!