Friday, September 21, 2012

I have read... Summer 2012

I am so far behind, but here I am to tell you what I have read recently and liked or did not like.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips- Great Escape.. Well, another author I met in Chicago.. She was also extremely nice and open. I love her books, and have been reading them for.. oh six or seven years I think.  I don't like to say that I didn't like a book.. sometimes I skip talking about them so I don't have to say anything negative. I will just say that for some reason, I could not get into this book. I made it about 75 pages and gave up.. I promise, though, to try again in a couple of months. Maybe it was just my mood at the time that kept me from liking it. I will try again! <3

Tera Lynn Childs- Just For Fins.. I think it took me about two hours to read this book, its a young adult book and a nice, light little mermaid book. and its funny.  I absolutely adore this series (I'm currently waiting for the slow distributor the library has to send her new book Sweet Shadows. GR! I hate waiting!).

Andrea Cremer- Rift.. When I first found out that she was starting a new, prequel, series to the Nightshade series.. I was extremely upset. She left Bloodrose with such a cliff hanger! Ah, I cannot tell you how angry I was. So I sat down to read Rift .. took me a week or two or three to pick it up.. I did not want her to write this book, I wanted more of Calla.. BUT, yes there is a but here.. I LOVED Rift. I couldn't put the book down, and I'm so excited that there will be another one in January. Loved it loved it loved it loved it loved it.. you get the picture... :)

Sylvia Day- Bared to You.. So I read this because it was on a list of "If you liked 50 Shades of Grey then try this".. Well, I kind of wish I hadn't. It was, pretty much, the same fricking story, except that the main female character has a little more experience with life than Ana, the grammar and writing were a whole lot better, and it was easier to get my hands on to read it than 50 Shades. I'm not positive I will read the next one when it comes out in October.

Pittacus Lore-Rise of Nine.. Im going to do a separate post about this, I have to think long and hard before I go into this one.

Julie Garwood- Sweet Talk.. Loved it, just as I love all of her other books!! Good romantic suspense, but I wish she had gone into more depth about Olivia's illness!

Kay Hooper- Haven.. FINALLY! I have been waiting.. what two years? for a new book in the Bishop/Special Crimes FBI series. I love this series.. For those of you who don't know.. its about a FBI unit comprised of psychics.. It is a great mystery series. I really did enjoy this one, but the end ticked me off so bad!!

David Rosenfelt- another mystery author, wow yes I do read something besides romance! I really like Rosenfelt's books.. He has the Andy Carpenter series and some stand alones, and I don't think I have read one I did not like. Leader of the Pack is the newest in the Carpenter series, and it is really good, with a very surprising ending!

I am currently reading a book called Angelfall by Susan Ee.. It has this whole weird Angels came down and wreak havoc on the Earth thing going on.. It is young adult and kind of has the same dark feel as the Hunger Games does. I'm actually enjoying it, and I'm almost done with it.

Young Adult Fall 2012

I forgot to list my Young Adult selections for this fall!! Okay, so another post is definitely in order.

First off.... Cinda Williams Chima- Crimson Crown. This is a really great fantasy series. I have liked them since the first one came out.. this is.. what four? five? in the series.. Anyways, I love this series and I also like her Heir trilogy as well.

John Flanagan- Brotherband Chronicles: Hunters.. I have mentioned before how much I love this author, and this series (this is book three in the BC) that is a spin off series to the Rangers Apprentice, which I can talk about all day long but I wont because I have before. I can simply say.. Read them. Please.

Julie Kagawa- Lost Prince.. Once again, too many good things to say. I loved the Iron Fey series and I'm really glad that Meghan's little brother is slightly grown up and getting his own book now!

Heather Brewer- Slayer Chronicles: Second Chance.. Okay so I may have mentioned in the past how much I loved the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod.. This is a spin off series that actually takes place before the Vlad books. They are more appropriate for the younger part of the young adult fan base than say.. Twilight.. but they are also told from the point of view of a teenage boy, which doesn't happen very often in YA fiction. Anyways, they rock.

Allie Condie- Reached.. third and final book in the Matched series.. Have to say, I have not finished Crossed yet.. Matched I thought was amazing, but I cannot get into Crossed.. I will prevail and finish it before Reached comes out, just because I have to see how it ends!

Some new ones that I don't know anything about but sound pretty good:
Theo Lawrence- Mystic City
Ingrid Paulson- Valkyrie Rising
Morgan Rhodes- Falling Kingdoms
Alexandra Bracken- Darkest Minds

What I am looking forward to, 2012, Part 2

Next up!

Kresley cole- Shadow's Claim.. Well, I love Cole's Immortals series. The last book, Lothaire, was not the best book in the series but I still enjoyed it, and I loved that she set the stage for this new series with the new vampires, keeping with the same original story line. I am very excited to read this new one!

Alyssa Day- Heart of Atlantis... I love Alyssa Day.. I really do.. but the way the publishing dates keep changing drives me nuts! It is so hard to wait a year or more for the next book in the series when they change the release date from June to December.. And of course this is the ultimate book in the series.. Alaric and Quinn FINALLY get their book! Do I really have to wait.. Wonder how I could get an ARC of this.. Oh Ms Day.. I love you with all my heart and soul and totally in a non stalker type of way....!

Linda Lael Miller- Big Sky River.. all I gotta say is.. This better be Boone and Tara's book. I just finished the second book the other day.. I love these cowboy books! I rate them right up there with Susan Mallery and Robyn Carr.

Pamela Palmer- Love Untamed.. this is another author I met in Chicago and thought she was really nice!! She gave me a shot glass, which is still unused because I like to look at it, lol! I'm very excited for the next book in the Feral Warriors series. This is a shape shifter series, and they are amazing.

There are other books set to come out soon, but these are the ones that are on my "Read As Soon As They Come In" List.  So, what have I missed that y'all think I should read ?

What I'm looking forward to, Fall 2012 Part 1

There are so very many awesome authors coming out with new books this fall, I have no idea how I will read them all.. But I will do my best! Very sorry for not keeping the blog up to date, my father was in the hospital for several weeks and we have been trying to get him comfortable at home. So, on to my list of new stuff that is coming out!

Sharon Sala- Don't Cry For Me.. I am not really a huge fan of Sala's earlier books, however the last several have been amazing. They are a romantic suspense, coming out in trilogies.. This is book two in this set. I loved the first one.

Susan Mallery- Fools Gold Christmas... So much like Robyn Carr's Virgin River series, the Fools Gold series follows one particular town and its people. They are great, easy reads. In the trying times I have had lately, authors like Mallery and Carr help me to keep my mind from going completely berserk!

Deborah Cooke- Ember's Kiss...Her Dragonfire series is one of my absolute favorites.. Dragon shapeshifters.. I absolutely love dragons! She also has a spin off series for young adults that I have been thoroughly enjoying as well!

Jacquelyn Frank- Forbidden.. Oh the Nightwalkers series, I do not have enough good things to say about this series.. Frank is also an awesome person as well.. I follow her on her facebook page.. She rescues little kitties (sometimes dropped off at her door!) and feeds them and loves them. Her books, also, are awesome. I can't say I was a huge fan of the Shadowdwellers series. She also had a stand alone called "Drink of Me" that I REALLY liked and would love to see another.

Robyn Car- My Kind of Christmas.. all I can say is.. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY A new Virgin River book!! I'm tickled pink and absolutely cannot wait for this!! I also love that she puts out 3 to 4 books per year, so there is no awful one year waiting period. I think EVERYONE should read her books, and I suggest her books to patrons daily at the library!

Christine Feehan- Dark Storm.. Okay, so I am sick and tired of waiting for Skyler's book. I have been reading the Dark series for over 10 years. If she can jump 25 years between book one and book three, there is absolutely no reason that we have had to wait TEN years for Skyler's book.. Which is STILL not coming out this year. I am about done reading her books. I already gave up on the Ghostwalkers series. -sigh- FRUSTRATING!

Nora Roberts- Perfect Hope.. Woohoo Inn Innsboro book three.. I loved the first one, adored the second one, and am on pins and needles waiting for the third one!

Larissa Ione- Rogue Rider.. oh the thinks I can think.. I met Ione in Chicago at the RT book fair back in April, and I have to say.. I think she is as awesome as her books are! She was extremely friendly and open. Her books are awesome.. Starting with the Demonica series and moving into the Four Horseman .. I just can't say enough good things about these!

Okay, I think I have to start a new post.. this one is getting long!