Friday, September 21, 2012

Young Adult Fall 2012

I forgot to list my Young Adult selections for this fall!! Okay, so another post is definitely in order.

First off.... Cinda Williams Chima- Crimson Crown. This is a really great fantasy series. I have liked them since the first one came out.. this is.. what four? five? in the series.. Anyways, I love this series and I also like her Heir trilogy as well.

John Flanagan- Brotherband Chronicles: Hunters.. I have mentioned before how much I love this author, and this series (this is book three in the BC) that is a spin off series to the Rangers Apprentice, which I can talk about all day long but I wont because I have before. I can simply say.. Read them. Please.

Julie Kagawa- Lost Prince.. Once again, too many good things to say. I loved the Iron Fey series and I'm really glad that Meghan's little brother is slightly grown up and getting his own book now!

Heather Brewer- Slayer Chronicles: Second Chance.. Okay so I may have mentioned in the past how much I loved the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod.. This is a spin off series that actually takes place before the Vlad books. They are more appropriate for the younger part of the young adult fan base than say.. Twilight.. but they are also told from the point of view of a teenage boy, which doesn't happen very often in YA fiction. Anyways, they rock.

Allie Condie- Reached.. third and final book in the Matched series.. Have to say, I have not finished Crossed yet.. Matched I thought was amazing, but I cannot get into Crossed.. I will prevail and finish it before Reached comes out, just because I have to see how it ends!

Some new ones that I don't know anything about but sound pretty good:
Theo Lawrence- Mystic City
Ingrid Paulson- Valkyrie Rising
Morgan Rhodes- Falling Kingdoms
Alexandra Bracken- Darkest Minds

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