Friday, March 11, 2011

James Patterson's Young Adult Books

I have never read any of Patterson's adult books.  Everyone says how good they are, but Ive never taken the time to read them.. A year ago, I read the first Witch & Wizard book and I loved it. So last December when the sequel came out, I devoured it. I've always looked at the Maximum Ride series, about the bird kids, and thought.... "um.. no". For years I have gone past them to something else on the shelf. So, last week, I got a hair up my.. um nose, and decided to read them. So I checked them all out. I started book one "The Angel Experiment" last night.. and wouldn't ya know it. I am hooked. Thank gods I  have all 7 books at home, because I would go nuts if I couldn't read them in order, right now. Y'all know how I am. So, anyways, I will report back after I am a couple of books into the series. See, I did that with Evanovich.. For 5 years I refused to read her, and now? Im hooked.

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