Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Books

So, I've given you Picoult, Ive whined about Bishop, now I'm gonna give ya a few books that are just good, happy reads.

Linda Lael Miller- Nice, modern (some historical) cowboy romances. the McKettricks, the Montana Creeds, then the Arizona (I think!) Creeds. They are all related, however distantly. They are not heavy reading. They are some of those books that you can sit and read and not worry about thinking.

Robyn Carr- Virgin River series. Love em. Starts with Mel and Jack and spreads. There are always recurring characters, but each new book follows two new man characters.

Catherine Anderson- Coulter/Kendrick/Harrigan series. Theres 10 or 11 of these now. Only problem, in every book there is something wrong with the female. Abused, blind, wheelchair bound, head injury, abused again.. That's kind of annoying after awhile, but I still love 'em!

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