Thursday, March 10, 2011

Anne Bishop.. How could you...

Now, I just want to remind people that, as this is MY blog, and it is to express MY opinions, I don't want any whining and complaining when I say that I (and I rarely use this word) Bishop's new book "Twilight's Dawn". Now, everyone knows that I get highly attached to certain books and characters. Well, this is one that I am attached to. I started reading the Black Jewels series about 7 or so years ago. It's a fantasy series, my first foray into fantasy after reading Harry Potter. I won't go into the major details, but the main character's name is Jaenelle (hehehe).
Anyways, Bishop decided to end the Black Jewels series with this "Twilight's Dawn" which is a collection of four stories, things I guess she thought we missed that happened between other stories, so she wrote them and put them in this collection. The first three stories are fine. I wouldn't say her best work, but little tidbits of information. The last story, however, is an abomination (PLEASE remember that this is my blog with my opinions!) I am not going to spoil it, for everyone else. But, I will tell you, I was happy to run across a review of the book before I finished it. I would rather read that review than be blindsided by how Bishop destroyed a perfectly good series. Okay, I have ranted and raved, and now I will go. Adios!

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  1. Oh my, this is a late response, but I just noticed that I forgot to put "hate" in after the parenthesis where I say (I rarely use this word)! Ha! Confusing, much?