Monday, March 14, 2011


Have y'all seen the movie "Finding Nemo" Remember the fish in the tank.. "Bubbles!... my bubbles!" .. Well, thats me with my books. Im such a dork, but it is true.  I wanted to tell y'all, to get off ure duffs and read my blog, follow it, comment on it. Tell me what you are reading! Do I want to read it? Is there something y'all really liked that I could suggest to the readers at the library I work at? Help me out people! Im gonna keep writing, and posting to facebook, because I'm a dork and its stuff that I know someone will want lol, if not you personally. K, Off my high horse. Gonna, of course, go read for a bit before bed. I'm reading "Never Again" by Michelle Bardsley. New author/series for me.

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