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Quinn & Alaric.. at last! Alyssa Day finally gives us the story we have been waiting for!

I, as have millions others, have been eagerly awaiting Alyssa Day's book about Alaric and Quinn. We first met these two characters in the first book in the series Atlantis Rising back in 2007. It has been a long wait, but it was worth it. I've never been great at writing book reviews. It's easier to just say, hey I liked this book because.. So, I will go with that. I liked this book because.. It's about freaking time. Alaric and Quinn have had enough sexual tension to blow the roof off a skyscraper for five years, and I am happy that they finally got their story. The addition of Ptolemy, who calls himself the true king of Atlantis, and his obsession with Quinn because she is a strong, warrior-like female was kind of funny, especially when he took her to his dimension. I laughed alot at that part of the book. I got a little tired of Quinn constantly being kidnapped and Alaric's overbearing attitude (kind of reminded me a bit of Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey) . However, overall, I really liked this book and I demand a book for Jack! Thanks for your time and have a great day!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Linda Howard & Linda Jones rock it in new title Running Wild

I have been a huge fan of the Linda's for many years, and this book was no different. I thoroughly enjoyed Carlin's smart ass attitude along with Zeke's gruff manner. Carlin is running from a stalker who killed a friend of hers thinking that it was Carlin because she was wearing Carlin's coat.  She falls off the grid, running, working under the table jobs to be able to move around. She ends up in Battle Ridge, makes friends all while using an alias. Her relationship with Zeke is at times hilarious and at times painful to see because she was so scared of the stalker that she couldn't commit to staying to see where their relationship could go. Anyways, I thought this book was awesome and I can't wait for another one!

I'm sorry that I'm not much better with reviews. I just want to let people know that its an awesome book and that they should read it, I have a hard time writing why! lol

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ione Creates Magic!

So I just finished Larissa Ione's newest installment in the Lords of Deliverance series, Rogue Rider.  I don't think I have words to explain how tickled pink I am with it.  Pestilence is corralled and Reseph's memory is wiped clean and he's thrown into the human world. No memory of himself, no memory of what he has done as Pestilence.  He meets Jillian, a woman who has hidden herself away in the middle of nowhere after a horrific demon attack.  If Reseph remembers who he was, will Jillian be able to overlook his past?

I loved it. Absolutely loved this book. I finished it in just a few hours, because I wasn't able to put it down.  I encourage everyone to read this book. And if you haven't read her books yet, go all the way back to the beginning and start from there, with the first Demonica book. The characters reoccur all through both series, so you have to start at the very beginning! 

Everyone knows I'm not that great of a reviewer, you can see what the book is about on amazon or barnes and noble, or the authors website, which incidently Ione's website is http://larissaione.com/blog/ and you can also catch her on Facebook. She is an awesome status updater! I met Larissa Ione in Chicago at the RT Big Book Fair. She is an amazingly nice person, and I love her purple hair! 

Well, that's all I have. Thanks for reading and come back soon :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Window Seat on a Rainy Day: Larissa Ione - Immortal Rider

The Window Seat on a Rainy Day: Larissa Ione - Immortal Rider: I don't know if this series just happened to scratch an itch I had or if it is as good as I think, but I just really enjoyed reading it. ...

Monday, November 5, 2012

Iron Prince: Call of the Forgotten Book 1 by Julie Kagawa

From Shelfari.com

Don't look at Them. Never let Them know you can see Them.
That is Ethan Chase's unbreakable rule. Until the fey he avoids at all costs—including his reputation—begin to disappear, and Ethan is attacked. Now he must change the rules to protect his family. To save a girl he never thought he'd dare to fall for.
Ethan thought he had protected himself from his older sister's world—the land of Faery. His previous time in the Iron Realm left him with nothing but fear and disgust for the world Meghan Chase has made her home, a land of myths and talking cats, of magic and seductive enemies. But when destiny comes for Ethan, there is no escape from a danger long, long forgotten.
My name is Ethan Chase. And I may not live to see my eighteenth birthday

*So, Julie Kagawa is one of my all time favorite young adult authors. Her original Iron Fey series was.. amazing.  I use that word a lot, don't I? I can't help it. I rarely blog about books that I didn't like. Once in awhile I do, but not often. Call of the Forgotten is the first book in a spin off series that follows the Iron Fey series. Iron Prince follows Megan's little brother Ethan, who if you remember was kidnapped in the first Iron Fey book. He is now a teenager, sees the Fey all the time, and is extremely paranoid (within reason!).  So, make sure you read this series from the beginning with The Iron King, don't pick this one up and expect to know what is going on. Just warning ya. Thanks for stopping by!

Dark Star by Beth Frenette (Young Adult)

From Amazon.com

Audrey Whitticomb has nothing to fear. Her mother is the superhero Morning Star, the most deadly crime-fighter in the Twin Cities, so it’s hard for Audrey not to feel safe. That is, until she’s lured into the sweet night air by something human and not human—something with talons and teeth, and a wide, scarlet smile. 

Now Audrey knows the truth: her mom doesn’t fight crime at night. She fights Harrowers—livid, merciless beings who were trapped Beneath eons ago. Yet some have managed to escape.  And they want Audrey dead, just because of who she is: one of the Kin.

To survive, Audrey will need to sharpen the powers she has always had. When she gets close to someone, dark corners of the person’s memories become her own, and she sometimes even glimpses the future. If Audrey could only get close to Patrick Tigue, a powerful Harrower masquerading as human, she could use her Knowing to discover the Harrowers’ next move. But Leon, her mother’s bossy, infuriatingly attractive sidekick, has other ideas. Lately, he won’t let Audrey out of his sight. 

When an unthinkable betrayal puts Minneapolis in terrible danger, Audrey discovers a wild, untamed power within herself. It may be the key to saving her herself, her family, and her city. Or it may be the force that destroys everything—and everyone—she loves.

*I love, love, loved this book. I loved the superhero aspect of Audrey's mom, along with learning that they are actually fighting Harrowers (demons) and not criminals. Is there going to be more?! There has to be, I need to hear more about Audrey and Leon and their budding relationship. Thank you, Miss Frenetti for a wonderful read!

My Kind of Christmas by Robyn Carr

From Amazon.com:

The Riordan brothers may have a reputation for being rough-and-tumble, but Patrick has always been the gentle, sweet-natured one. These days, his easygoing manner is being tested by his high-octane career as a navy pilot. But for the Riordan brothers, when the going gets tough…the tough find the love of a good woman.
Except the woman who has caught Patrick's attention is Jack Sheridan's very attractive niece.
Angie LeCroix comes to Virgin River to spend Christmas relaxing, away from her well-intentioned but hovering mother. Yet instead of freedom, she gets Jack Sheridan. If her uncle had his way, she'd never go out again. And certainly not with rugged, handsome Patrick Riordan. But Angie has her own idea of the kind of Christmas she wants—and the kind of man!
Patrick and Angie thought they wanted to be left alone this Christmas—until they meet each other. Then they want to be left alone together. But the Sheridan and Riordan families have different plans for Patrick and Angie—and for Christmas, Virgin River-style!

*So, I have made it well known that I absolutely adore Robyn Carr's Virgin River series. I  have purchased the last several (and usually donate it to the library because of a long waiting list. I can't seem to stop telling people about these books!).  Carr has outdone herself again with another wonderful book.  I am happy to see all of the Riordan brothers again, along with meeting more of Jack's family (which we really have not been introduced to much).  I thought this book was excellent, and I am in dire need of another Virgin River book already!

Forbidden by Jacquelyn Frank

From Shelfari.com:

The unexpected happens in an instant. On her way to work, secretary Docia Waverley hurtles into a crashing crossroads, and she quickly begins to suspect that things will never be the same. Then, when a tall, blond, muscular stranger intervenes on her behalf, telling her it is his duty to protect her at all cost, what is just a feeling turns to proof positive. That is, as long as Docia’s savior doesn’t turn out to be a crazed kidnapper.

When Ram finds Docia, he has no doubt that she is his queen. But as this golden warrior sweeps in to protect her, he feels something more than body heat every time they touch. He is overwhelmed by a searing connection that goes deep into the twin souls inside him. A desire rises in him that is forbidden—this woman is his queen, the mate of his king, his leader, his best friend. And yet Docia is so vulnerable and attractive that she awakens a hunger in Ram that is undeniable, a carnal craving he cannot yield to . . . not without risking the very survival of the Bodywalkers

*Jacquelyn Frank is one of my favorite authors. The Nightwalkers series is extremely well done adult paranormal romance. I am not so sure about the Bodywalkers. Forbidden is the first installment in this part of the series. Bodywalkers are ancient Egyptians who reincarnate and .. mind meld with people. I kind of prefer the demons, vampires, and shape shifters of previous books.  I did enjoy this one, and am anxious to read the next book, out in March 2013.

The Crimson Crown by Cinda Williams Chima

From Shelfari.com

A thousand years ago, two young lovers were betrayed— Alger Waterlow to his death, and Hanalea, Queen of the Fells, to a life without love.
Now, once again, the queendom of the Fells seems likely to shatter apart. For young queen Raisa ana’Marianna, maintaining peace even within her own castle walls is nearly impossible. Tension between wizards and Clan has reached a fevered pitch. With surrounding kingdoms seeking to prey on the Fells’ inner turmoil, Raisa’s best hope is to unite her people against a common enemy. But that enemy might be the person with whom she’s falling in love.
Navigating the cutthroat world of blueblood politics has never been more dangerous, and former streetlord Han Alister seems to inspire hostility among Clan and wizards alike. His only ally is the queen, and despite the perils involved, Han finds it impossible to ignore his feelings for Raisa. Before long, Han finds himself in possession of a secret believed to be lost to history, a discovery powerful enough to unite the people of the Fells. But will the secret die with him before he can use it?
A simple, devastating truth concealed by a thousand-year-old lie at last comes to light in this stunning conclusion to the Seven Realms series.

This is the fourth and final volume in the Seven Realms series by Cinda Williams Chima. I must say, I love this author. Her other series, the Heir trilogy, was also really good. The Seven Realms series, I think, is really good if, say, you liked Harry Potter. It's not really for younger kids, but like age fourteen and up. I won't go into big long detail as this is the 4th book in a series, but I really enjoyed it.

Poison Princess Book One of the Arcana Chronicles by Kresley Cole

So, I love Kresley Cole. She is one of my absolute favorite adult paranormal romance authors. When I learned she was coming out with a young adult novel, I was so excited! I couldn't wait to read it. The library's distributor was being a little bit slow, so I splurged and purchased the book (the library copy still hasn't come so I donated it!).

I enjoyed it. I can't say its my favorite book, but I enjoyed it. Everyone knows I don't like to talk about the book itself, so here is the description of it from Amazon.com:

She could save the world—or destroy it.
Sixteen year old Evangeline “Evie” Greene leads a charmed life, until she begins experiencing horrifying hallucinations. When an apocalyptic event decimates her Louisiana hometown, Evie realizes her hallucinations were actually visions of the future—and they’re still happening. Fighting for her life and desperate for answers, she must turn to her wrong-side-of-the-bayou classmate: Jack Deveaux.
But she can’t do either alone.
With his mile-long rap sheet, wicked grin, and bad attitude, Jack is like no boy Evie has ever known. Even though he once scorned her and everything she represented, he agrees to protect Evie on her quest. She knows she can’t totally depend on Jack. If he ever cast that wicked grin her way, could she possibly resist him?
Who can Evie trust?
As Jack and Evie race to find the source of her visions, they meet others who have gotten the same call. An ancient prophesy is being played out, and Evie is not the only one with special powers. A group of twenty-two teens has been chosen to reenact the ultimate battle between good and evil. But it’s not always clear who is on which side….

I wish Cole had delved a little more deeply into the Tarot Card aspect of the book. I am still a little confused as to how that works. I also wasn't fond of the way the book was written, sort of a flashback. Evie starts out going to this house and being drugged by this weird kid and she tells her story. We hear about Evie's life before "the Flash" and after.  A couple times it flashes to the future as she tells her story to this weird kid. I wish she had just written the novel, and then let that part happen at the end. I think that is my only complaint about the book. I really did like the main story, about Evie and her visions and learning she can grow and control plants.  I like Jack's character alot as well. 

So, go ahead and read it, because I think the series is going to be a good one! Thanks for stopping in!
Next up: Mystic City by Theo Lawrence (Young Adult Dystopian novel)

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Awesome Contest @ Shiloh Walker

Shiloh Walker is running an amazing contest, I encourage everyone to join in (and give me any books they may win!)