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Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Fantastic new author, Patience Griffin, brings us Kilts and Quilts!

Welcome to the charming Scottish seaside town of Gandiegow—where two people have returned home for different reasons, but to find the same thing.… 

Caitriona Macleod gave up her career as an investigative reporter for the role of perfect wife. But after her husband is found dead in his mistress’s bed, a devastated Cait leaves Chicago for the birthplace she hasn’t seen since she was a child. She’s hoping to heal and to reconnect with her gran. The last thing she expects to find in Gandiegow is the Sexiest Man Alive! She just may have stumbled on the ticket to reigniting her career—if her heart doesn’t get in the way.

Graham Buchanan is a movie star with many secrets. A Gandiegow native, he frequently hides out in his hometown between films. He also has a son he’ll do anything to protect. But Cait Macleod is too damn appealing—even if she is a journalist.

Quilting with her gran and the other women of the village brings Cait a peace she hasn’t known in years. But if she turns in the story about Graham, Gandiegow will never forgive her for betraying one of its own. Should she suffer the consequences to resurrect her career? Or listen to her battered and bruised heart and give love another chance?

Caitie has fled to Scotland, where she was born, after the death of her cheating husband. She gave up her career to be the wife he wanted, alienating her friends and giving up her job. Now she needs to find a way to boost her career again. That chance comes when she runs into Graham Buchanan. Graham, golden Hollywood superstar. He disappears for months on end and no one knows where he is. Caitie has found him. He is in Glandiegow, with his son and grandson. Caitie's big chance is here, but will she be able to write the story?

 When tragedy strikes, Caitie steps up to help Graham and his family. She finds herself immersed in the town she spent the first ten years of her life in and its people. But are they willing to accept her after she was gone so long?

I absolutely loved this book. I loved Caitie, I loved her crotchety old gran, I loved Graham, and the town and the quilters and everything! I couldn't put it down. I highly suggest EVERYONE read this book!! Hear me? READ IT!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Winter King by C.L. Wilson

*****************Thank You Edelweiss for an advanced copy of this title*************

I have been waiting a long time for a new book by Ms Wilson. I adored the Tairen Soul series and waited.. and waited.. and waited for this book. I think it was worth the wait.

After three long years of war, starkly handsome Wynter Atrialan will have his vengeance on Summerlea's king by taking one of the man's beautiful, beloved daughters as his bride. But though peace is finally at hand, Wynter's battle with the Ice Heart, the dread power he embraced to avenge his brother's death, rages on.
Khamsin Coruscate, Princess of Summerlea and summoner of Storms, has spent her life exiled to the shadows of her father's palace. Reviled by her father, marriage to Wintercraig's icy king was supposed to be a terrible punishment, but instead offers Kham her first taste of freedom—and her first taste of overwhelming passion.
As fierce, indomitable Wynter weathers even Khamsin's wildest storms, surprising her with a tenderness she never expected, Kham wants more than Wynter's passion—she yearns for his love. But the power of the Ice Heart is growing, dangerous forces are gathering, and a devastating betrayal puts Khamsin and Wynter to the ultimate test.

Kham's brother has run off with the Winter King's fiance and a relic of the Winter Realm. Wynter declares war and rides on Summerlea. After three years, he has come to the Summer court to forge peace. He demands a princess of the Summer Court, and he certainly gets one, even if she isn't who she seems.

Kham has been ostracized her whole life by her father and Summerlea court. Her sisters and her brother defy their father and spend time with her and her mother's maid has taught her to read, write, and all the intricacies of court life. Her father forces her into marriage with Wynter, but all it does is give her the escape from Summerlea that she needs before her father kills her.

Kham must produce an heir within a year or face the "mercy of the mountain" as Wynter says. She tries to fit into court, but once again she is ostracized, maybe because her husband ignores her as well.  Not to mention she is poisoned a couple times. That kind of puts a kink in wanting anything to do with her husbands court. 

But, Kham is the only person who can save the world. She must melt Wynter's Ice Heart before he becomes the Ice God and destroys everything. Everyone believes she will betray Wynter, but how can she when she loves him?

ARG! This was a great book! I loved  Kham, even if Wynter annoyed me just a bit. I thought it was an awesome story. I reallllly hope I dont have to wait.. three years for another book..... 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Sherrilyn Kenyon and The League finally return with "Born of Fury"

The war is on…
Counted among the fiercest Andarion warriors ever born, Hauk is one of the five founding members of the Sentella: an organization that has declared war on the League. They rule the Ichidian universe with an iron fist and terrify it with an army of well-trained assassins. Hauk’s enemies are legion, but he fears nothing and no one. He will do whatever it takes to survive and protect his Sentella brethren.
Sumi Antaxas is one of the best assassins the League has ever trained. In her world, failure is not an option and she has never met a target she couldn’t execute. So when she’s assigned Hauk, she believes it’ll be a quick and easy mission.

Hauk is not very thrilled with having to take his nephew Dare on his Endurance, a test of manhood that every Andarion male takes when he is a teenager. However Hauk is the only surviving male family member Dare has, so he has to do it. Dare hates his uncle Hauk, led to believe that Hauk killed his father Keres years ago. All the animosity that his mother feels towards Hauk has Dare projecting the same hatred. Throw a wrench it, Hauk takes along Nykyrian sends along his teenaged daughter Thia as well. Hauk, Thia, and Dare are dropped off in the middle of nowhere and forced to fend for themselves for a month. 

Zyr, Commander of the League, sends Sumi to spy on Hauk. Not to kill, but to gather intel. He wants proof that Hauk is a member of the Sentella so he can take him down. Kyr has a bargaining chip, Sumi's daughter, taken from her at birth. With promises of the return of her daughter, Sumi sets off. As she waits and watches Hauk, she is attacked by a wild animal and left for dead. Thia and Dare find her and with Hauk's help, she is nursed back to health. The files she has read about Hauk show a completely different person than the one she sees around his family. How can he be a cold blooded killer when he treats his family so well? Well, except Dare who is a little prick. Assassins keep finding them though, so they have to keep moving. 

The love story actually culminates about halfway into the book, however, since Hauk is promised to Dare's mother, they have to find a way to free him, and to free Sumi's daughter. Holy cow, I loved this book! I feel like I waited a decade for it, but it was absolutely worth it! I loved Sumi, she was a great female lead character. And Hauk. *sigh* we all wish we had one. And let me tell you, I'm reallllllllllly hoping that the next book is going to be about Thia, lol!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

World of Warcraft... again

I have finished 7 more WoW novels. I am just... Obsessed I should say with these books. Yeah the writing isnt perfect, but I find them to be extremely interesting. The game is 10 years old, and I just started playing. It is so awesome to read the back stories! To see where character races come from, the history of the different wars. Things like, the orcs aren't inherently evil, they were possessed by demons!

Arthas started out a good kid, but turned bad, because of a demon! The Burning Legion is the basis of all evil in Azeroth. They creeped into so many different people and places. Yet the Alliance constantly fights back and defeats the Horde! There are some gaping holes though. Cataclysm. I still don't know how that happened. There wasn't a book written about that time period. Arthas.. How did he die? Once again no book about that time period. I finally found out how Garrosh came to succeed Thrall. However I dont know how Garrosh got to Azeroth, because the last I knew the Dark Portal was destroyed.

Despite that, I love these darn books! I have.. five or six more to read. I am on Wolfheart now, which gives information about the Worgens.

So if you play the game, you should really read the books! They are so interesting!

Susan Mallery score's with "Until We Touch"


After a family tragedy, former football hero Jack McGarry keeps the world at arm's length—a challenge now that his PR firm has moved to neighborly Fool's Gold, California. 

Larissa Owens knows where she stands—Jack sees her as just another one of the guys. No matter what her heart wishes, Jack's her boss, not her boyfriend. But then Larissa's big secret is revealed…by her mother! 

When Jack discovers the truth about Larissa's feelings, her touch suddenly becomes tantalizing, and he's not sure he wants to resist. But if he gives in to desire, heartache is sure to follow. Friendship or true love—will Jack go for the ultimate play?

To start the story, Larissa's mom is up for a visit and she confronts Jack. She tells Jack to fire Larissa so that she will go home to LA, find a man, get married, and have a family. She doesn't believe that Larissa will ever do that on her own because... She is obviously in love with Jack. Jack of course does not fire Larissa, and he tells her what her mother said. But with the thought now in their minds, they begin to see each other differently. 
Larissa's always had her projects that Jack funds and Jack enjoys being able to help with the projects monetarily without getting actually involved. Larissa finally realizes that she does love Jack and knows that he will never return her feelings. She proposes that they just do it, get it over with, so she could get over him and move on. Definitely isn't that simple!

Fabulous! But seriously, does Susan Mallery write anything that isn't fabulous? I won't say more, because I always say the same things after reading one of her books because they are just so awesome!

Cordova returns with the final Vicious Deep book "Vast and Brutal Sea"

********************Thank you NetGalley for a review copy of this book****************

I actually stumbled upon the second book Savage Blue on NetGalley and thought it sounded interesting. I had the library quickly order book 1, The Vicious Deep, and read it quickly. I loved it. Then I read the second book and loved it as well! Then NetGalley put out book 3 and I was hoping up and down with joy! It didn't disappoint.


 After a heartless betrayal and challenging decisions in vicious circumstances, the ancient battle for the Sea King’s throne continues. Only two days are left until the race for the Sea Court throne is finally over, but the rules have drastically changed. The evil sea witch Nieve has captured Layla, the only girl that Tristan has ever loved, and plots to raise an army of mutant sea creatures to overthrow the crown. Facing off his traitorous and selfish brother, Kurt, Tristan will have to travel to the mysterious and lost Isle of Tears to unleash the magic of the powerful scepter he now holds. This epic clash of sand and sea will pit brother against brother—and there can only be one winner.

Kurt has betrayed him and Layla has been kidnapped by Nieve. Tristan is out to find the Sleeping Giants, believing they will help him win the war. But instead he ends up trapped on a misty island, having to learn the River clan ways before he can leave. Luckily time outside the island moves differently and the outside world is almost at a standstill. Tristan's main goal is to rescue Layla, but harsh decisions must be made because Nieve is making her move. Now.

Okay, yeah LOVED IT! The book kept me going through the whole thing. I couldn't put it down. I had never heard of Zoraida Cordova until Vicious Deep came out, but you can bet that she is on my must read author list now!

"The Promise" a new Thunder Point novel by Robyn Carr

**********Thank you NetGalley for an advanced copy of this title*******

Scott Grant has a bustling family practice in the small Oregon community of Thunder Point. The town and its people have embraced the widowed doctor and father of two, his children are thriving, and Scott knows it's time to move on from his loss. But as the town's only doctor, the dating pool is limited. That is, until a stunning physician's assistant applies for a job at his clinic. 

Peyton Lacoumette considers herself entirely out of the dating scene. She's already been burned by a man with kids, and she's come to Thunder Point determined not to repeat past mistakes. When Scott offers her a job, at a much lower salary than she's used to, Peyton is surprisingly eager to accept…at least for now. She's willing to stay for a three-month trial period while she explores other options. 

Scott and Peyton know the arrangement is temporary—it isn't enough time to build a real relationship, never mind anything with lasting commitment. But love can blossom faster than you think when the timing is right, and this short visit just might hold the promise of forever.

Peyton made a name for herself in the medical world as an awesome PA. Unfortunately she fell for her boss, an amazing cardiologist who lived only for his career. After trying to care for his hateful children and not getting any backup from Ted, she decided to leave her job and his home. It was time to find and reinvent herself. She bought a flashy little sedan and went for a drive. She ended up in Thunder Point, and accepted a temporary job at Scott's clinic until she decided what to do with herself. But Scott and his children worm their way into her good graces. Peyton is afraid that, like Ted, Scott will end up using her as a babysitting/chauffer service, but of course that is not who Scott is. 
She knows instantly that Scott is different. But can she overcome her single father relationship fear to see who Scott really is?

When mayhem strikes with Ted's daughter, Peyton jets off to help and of course Scott has the wrong idea. Could it ruin them forever?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. After the craptastic start to the series, the last 3 books have been oh so much better! I liked Peyton alot, especially when she went to the farm and you saw interaction with her parents and siblings. It was really cool and really.. well. real. I am anxious to read the next one!