Wednesday, June 27, 2012

50 Shades of Grey.. NOT for the faint at heart (or anyone under the age of 18!)

So, the big thing now is 50 Shades of Gray by EL James.. Its all over the bestseller lists, all over the newspapers and talk shows.. So, as I was chilling in my hotel room back in April after visiting ComicCon and the RT convention, I sat and read this book.  It was so peaceful.. no kids.. no work.. just sitting back with my feet propped up reading a book. And... WOW.  So, my boss at work describes this book as Harlequin romance meets sex.  I can agree with that. The book is told from Ana's point of view, the fresh out of college virgin.  And the "hero" of the book is Christian Gray.. Extremely Hot Billionaire who is totally into BDSM.  This book is every girl's dream but totally NOT going to happen.  James' writing is not extremely professional, she can't bring herself to use correct terms for private body parts, and if I had to hear Ana talk about her Inner Goddess one more time, I probably would have reached into the book and smacked her.

My other issue is Christian. His overcontrolling nature drove me nuts! Now, after some research I understand that, the Dom in a BDSM relationship is expected to be overly controlling. Yet, outside of the "Red Room of Pain) he was STILL over controlling, jealous, and in the end it was annoying as heck! I had to do alot of google searching while reading this book.. There were several things mentioned that I had no clue what it was. Course, when I got the answer, I flushed 50 shades of red! Holy Cow! You can do that!?

So after all of that, I have to say. I love these books..  There are three, the second being 50 Shades Darker and third 50 Shades Freed.  Everyone wants to read the first book because its #1 on the Bestseller lists, but these books are not for everyone. My heart stops every time an older person checks this book out. I try to warn them.. I really do.. I'm afraid that one of these times, someone will have a heart attack. The basic story is good, but there is ALOT of explicit sex in these books. (Just so you know, I've read them like four times now... but everyone knows I read kinky romance novels anyways). These books are Erotica, its a genre. This genre's sales have jumped 26% in the last few years. Wow, the world, how it is a-changing.

 I love 50 Shades. Don't care what anyone says! The writing style sucks, the characters don't really mesh, but I love them anyways.  Alright, Im out. Have a great day!

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