Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I want to Read RIGHT NOW

So I have things on my shelf to read, all of them very awesome authors, so I thought that, since I get all the great stuff FIRST, I would share with you what I have so you know its available.

David Rosenfelt: Heart of a Killer- a GREAT mystery author. Yes I read mysteries!

Truth by Julie Karr- Young Adult, dystopian, book 2.. Book 1 is XVI.. its about in the future, how girls, at age 16, are forced to take on the XVI tattoo and they are proclaimed fair game for any male wanting them. JERKS. Anyways, Its good.

Laurie DeSilverio- Swift Edge, book 2, book one was Swift Justice.. These are very Janet Evanovich like. They ROCK.

Thea Harrison, Elder races series.. Book 1 was really good.

Kathy Reichs: Seizure. This is book two, coming after Virals, of a young adult series that is about some kids who are exposed to parvo virus and have some werewolf tendences (no shapeshifter so far, just extra abilities like heightened senses) The main character is the Great Grand neice of the main character in Reichs bestselling Bones novels (which you may see on TV!).

Julie Cross- Tempest; something new for me to try.. time travel romance, its young adult.

So, there ya go, try something new!

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