Friday, October 4, 2013

I will do "Anything But Love" anyday! Thank you, Beth Ciotta!

Well, as always Beth Ciotta did not disappoint me. I love her books and I don't think she can do anything wrong. Although there weren't as much Cupcake Lovers as in the previous two books, which saddened me.. And not enough Daisy either. Haha, she's a hoot! I see a new one is coming in the spring.. Woohoo!!

Rachel disappeared and Luke is on a rant. He hires Jayce to find her.. And what does he find? An heiress, a millionaire.. and gone is the mousy lady that intrigued him with her intelligence.. He finds a total bombshell in her place. It can't be the same girl! Reagan, indeed, is the same girl. Rae went into hiding to escape pressures from her mother and stepfather who want her money on her 25th birthday.

Luke flies in to confront her, they have a passionate evening, then he goes home.

Six weeks later, Rae is in Sugar Creek again hoping to save Sugar tots, the daycare, and also the Cupcake Lovers recipe book that they are trying to get published.

K, thats all I am going to tell you. It was a wonderful book, although lacking in the much loved characters from the first two books, and had a very thrown together ending. Anyways, Read, Love, Wait!! lol

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