Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Diana Peterfreund leaves the world of the killer unicorns and enters

I originally found Diana Peterfreund through her man eating unicorn series, and I loved those. I have checked out this book four times and never got around to reading it, but I am glad I finally did. Reading the blurb, it made it sound like some science fiction book, but really its more of a dystopian novel. 
Elliott is a noble Luddite, second daughter of a Baron. Kai is her best friend but he is also a Post, pretty much a slave.

There were two types of people in the world. Luddites, who followed Gods word and lived simply. Then there were the Lost, who thought people could be more. Faster, stronger, better. Gods wratch and war came and the Lost became the Reduced. They were reduced to mute people who were simpletons. The Luddites stepped up to take care of them, teaching them to work and feeding and housing them. But eventually, when Reduced people had children, they became Posts. Fully functional people. One out of 20 Reduced were Posts. 

But some think life should be different. All Elliot wants is to keep her family from going bankrupt and to take care of the people in her care. She secretly manages to cross breed a wheat that is less work and produces more, but her father plows it over for a new racetrack. The Baron is a second son who never thought to inherit, so had no head for figures or how to take care of an estate. Elliot took care of those duties after her mother passed away when she was fourteen, but four years and her father and sisters extravagances are decimating the family fortune. 

Elliot takes on renters at her grandfather's boatyard, to earn more income. Little did she know the young Post who was her friend that ran away when they were fourteen was now a famous, wealthy sea captain. The Innovators found many things on their travels that made them wealthy, but they want to build a sea worthy ship to cross the world and see if there is anything left outside of the 2 islands they have known for centuries.

Im not sure how much father I can go without completely spoiling the story so I will leave it at that. I really enjoyed this one and I believe there is a new one coming soon. Yay! So, give it a chance and read it, ya may like it!

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