Saturday, February 1, 2014

More Than a Touch.. Alexis Morgan's second book in the Snowberry Creek series

Wounded in combat, Leif Brevik is haunted by survivor’s guilt. For the first time in his life—unsure if he still has a military career in his future—he feels completely lost. So when a war buddy calls for help with restoration of their fallen brother’s house, he jumps at the chance to regain a sense of purpose.

Zoe Phillips is assigned to monitor Leif’s physical therapy while he’s in town. But she’s a former military nurse, and she senses that his wounds are more than just physical. As she pushes the handsome soldier to open up, the connection between them deepens beyond the professional facade she tries to maintain.

And as Leif begins to put down roots in her beloved hometown, Zoe realizes that maybe having him around is exactly what she needs to heal her own wounded heart as well...

In the first book we met Leif. Injured in the same blast that killed the friend who ended up bringing him to Snowberry Creek, Leif is there to recuperate and heal. He meets Zoe at the physical therapy place he is sent to, as she is the resident nurse practitioner.   Zoe recognizes a wounded soul in Leif, as she was a nurse who watched her loved one die in combat. She also believes that her being a few years older makes it impossible for them to be together. 

Ive been reading Ms Morgans books for awhile. I adored her Paladins of Darkness series!! She is a great writer. This venture into contemporary romance is a welcome addition to my reading list! I could even compare her to Robyn Carr's Virgin River series, or Susan Mallery's Fools Gold series, which y'all know that I adore those series!! Snowberry Creek is a great series and  I cant wait for more!

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