Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I am a World of Warcraft Addict. Did you know there are novels?!

I admit it. I started playing just because I was bored with what I had been playing, and my friends convinced me to try it. And I love it.. Its a game where there is something always to do. Whether you are questing, raiding, running a dungeon, or working on your professions, there is always something to do.

Recently I found out there are novels! Which, to me, is awesome. WoW is ten years old. They just celebrated their tenth anniversary. There are so many things I don't know about the game.. Why factions hate each other, who this person is or that person. So I just finished reading the first book, and I was like.. That was awesome, but.. who the heck are these people.. So I contacted a friend of mine and asked her.. "Do you know who Deathwing is?!" She said, well yeah, he's the big black dragon that caused the Cataclysm.. Oh.. Der.. She said she was running around one day and her character just died. She got an message on screen, an acheivement.. "Killed by Deathwing". Oooooh. So the books are sort of giving the history of the game as it goes along. I think its awesome, and a good way to try and catch up on a decade of missed information.
 Book Description for Day of the Dragon, which I believe is the first book:

In the mist-shrouded haze of the past, the world of Azeroth teemed with wondrous creatures of every kind. Mysterious Elves and hardy Dwarves walked among tribes of man in relative peace and harmony -- until the arrival of the demonic army known as Burning Legion shattered the world's tranquility forever. Now Orcs, Dragons, Goblins, and Trolls all vie for supremacy over the scattered, warring kingdoms -- part of a grand, malevolent scheme that will determine the fate of the world of 
A terrifying upheaval among the highest ranks of the world's Wizards sends the maverick Mage, Rhonin, on a perilous journey into the Orc-controlled lands of Khaz Modan. What Rhonin uncovers is a vast, far-reaching conspiracy, darker than anything he ever imagined -- a threat that will force him into a dangerous alliance with ancient creatures of air and re if the world of Azeroth is to see another dawn

So, we start the book with Rhonin. He is a wizard that has a bad reputation. He went on a mission and because of the spell he used, everyone died. The mission was a success, but alot of people died. He has a new mentor, and this mentor sends him on a mission. Recon.  He is to find out how he can rescue the red dragon queen, who is being held captive by the orcs, who work for the Horde, who are the bad guys. They captured her and have been using her to breed dragons that the Horde use. The Alliance has no defense really against these dragons.
Its a suicide mission in itself. But he has to keep it to himself. He cant tell anyone. He meets up with an elf who is to help him find his way to Khaz Modan where he is to accomplish is mission. Along the way they run into Knights who distrust him. Dwarves who mistrust him. Wizards, apparently, are not well regarded.
Rhonin is driven to complete his quest and return triumphant and raise his reputation among the other wizards.
But they run into trouble when a dragon attack their party. They are saved by dwarves riding griffins, who are much faster than the dragons even if they are much smaller. The dwarves then give them a ride to a settlement that has been decimated by dragons.

Rhonin encounters Deathwing and is being controlled somewhat by him. Deathwing, who everyone thought was dead, has his own plans of world domination. Everyone, it seems, has plans for world domination in this book though. In human guise, he has enthralled the King and head of the Alliance and is able to have himself placed as king of another land which has been leaderless and under martial law.

I absolutely loved this book. But I love dragons and it had dragons so that was awesome. Anyways, even just as a fantasy book I thought it was a good story, so maybe give it a try... and if you decide to play Warcraft, come find me! Have a great day!

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