Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Kilts and Quils return with an all new book... A matchmaker and a fisherman? Interesting....


Kit Woodhouse’s matchmaking business is such a success, she’s expanding to the Highlands of Scotland where the hot, prosperous, and kilted are anxious to connect. Now, looking to fill her stable with eligible bachelors, Kit’s arrived in Gandiegow to recruit potential Real Men of Scotland. It’s not until she meets her tour guide that she discovers just how real they can be.

With his sexy grin, jeans, and black wellies, Ramsay Armstrong is an unpolished hulk of a Scottish fisherman—and a skeptic when it comes to romance. Not exactly a man of “pairing attributes” when talking marriageable matches, but he does make Kit’s heart beat a little faster. Maybe it’s the scent of the sea in his hair. Maybe it’s the challenge. Maybe it’s the thrill of the unexpected. Then again, maybe it’s love.

Kit is determined to keep her matchmaking business going so she can take care of her mother and sisters. She needs this job to put her sisters through school and help her mother, who works part time at an art gallery. Growing up, Kit's family had been rich with multiple homes, but the real estate crash decimated their family. She's in search of wealthy Scottish men to pair up with her wealthy American female clients.

Ramsay is determined to break up this matchmaking scheme and will stoop to low levels to get Kit to leave Gandiegow. His brother hires him out as Kit's driver, making him drive her all over the place searching out male clients. He secretly convinces the men they don't really need a woman. Kit is growing frustrated that the men are backing out on her, and Deydie forcing her to quilt is cutting into the time she has to do her job. The American women are coming to Scotland to meet the men, and Kit has no men. 

When Ramsey finds out that Kit needs this job to support her family, he realizes he screwed up. But is there any way to make it right, so late in the game? Not to mention he is so attracted to Kit, and Kit to him, and they both just can't figure out how right they are for each other! 

Patience Griffin has brought us another fantastic tale set on the coast of Scotland. Her characters are so great! Previous characters are around as well as some new ones. I pick these books up and can't put them down. And Ms Griffin herself is awesome! After meeting her last year, I promise to read and review everything she has, to get the word out. Because awesome authors need awesome fans, like us :) 

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