Monday, August 24, 2015

Sharon Sala returns with the next installment in the Secrets and Lies series.

If only it had been something else that brought Lissa Sherman and Mack Jackson back in touch after so many years. Something—anything—other than the murder of Mack's father. Even worse, Lissa's car had been used as the murder weapon. 

Thirty-five years ago, four friends went out joyriding and ended up in a terrible accident that left one dead and the others with no memory of that awful night. Now two more people, including Mack's father, have been murdered, and if the lone survivor knows why they're being targeted, she's not talking.  

Even as Lissa and Mack find themselves drawn together in the midst of tragedy, the mystery deepens when someone comes after Lissa, too. Is the danger to her tied to the other deaths, or are two killers at work in town? Now Mack has to fight an unknown attacker as well as his feelings for Lissa, but it may be that he can't win either battle.

Lissa certainly didn't expect to find Pete Jackson dead underneath her car when she went to pick it up from the shop. She is devastated, thinking that her vehicle killed her old boyfriend's dad. And now Mack will be coming home. 

Mack comes home, shocked about his fathers death. When it comes out that it wasn't an accident, that someone murdered his father, and that Lissa is being stalked by a very depraved person, Mack decides he is going to stick around and help Lissa and hopefully find out who killed his dad. Mack finds a letter from his father telling him that if he had the letter, then he was dead. And he needed to be looking into an accident that happened years ago after Pete's high school graduation. One friend who had been in the accident was already dead, and another, the police chief's mother, was certainly in danger. 

Mack and Lissa were a couple all through high school. When Lissa became pregnant, they were both scared but excited. But rumors spread that Lissa had an abortion. When he confronted her and asked if she was still pregnant, she told him no. Unfortunately, he didn't wait around for an explanation, but instead took off. Ten years later, Mack finds out what really  happened and can't believe how wrong he was. His best hope is that, even ten years later, that Lissa can forgive him. Because he still loves her.

And the climax of the story.. Oh. My. Gods. What a cliffhanger! I'm on my toes because now I have to wait to find out what happens! What a great story you have brought us, Ms Sala. Can't wait for the next one!

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