Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Debut author Sarah Ahiers brings us a tale of assassins and betrayal. Amazing story!

Seventeen-year-old Lea Saldana is a trained assassin. She was born into one of the nine clipper Families in the kingdom of Lovero who lawfully take lives for a price. As a member of the highest-ranking clan, loyalty to Family is valued above all, but that doesn't stop Lea from getting into a secret relationship with Val Da Via, a boy from a rival clan. Despite her better judgment, Lea has fallen in love with him; but she's confident she can anticipate any threat a mile away.
Then she awakens one night to a house full of smoke. Although she narrowly escapes, she isn't able to save her Family as their home is consumed by flames. With horror, she realizes that Val and his Family are the only ones who could be responsible. Devastated over his betrayal and the loss of her clan, there's just one thing on her mind: making the Da Vias pay. The heart of this assassin craves revenge.

I have been desperate to find good reading since I finished the fourth Throne of Glass book. Female assassins are a thing now, and they have captured my interest. I read Graceling years ago and enjoyed it. I was really excited about this book, and it was worth the read.

Lea knows her forbidden romance with Val Da Via is wrong, but she can't help how she feels. But when her family is betrayed and killed in their home, Lea barely manages to escape. Now she is out for revenge. The only person who can help her is her exiled uncle. So, she tracks him down to ask for his help.
Her Uncle Marcello refuses to help but Lea meets his apprentice, Alessio, and offers to help train him in exchange for his help. 

 Really, I won't go on and on and tell the whole story, but this book was great. It also had an ending, so not sure if it is going to be a series or a single title. Either way, I think Ahiers created a fascinating world where assassins are revered for their work. It was an interesting story. 

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