Monday, March 14, 2016

Adi Rule brings us an all new young adult novel "The Hidden Twin"

For eighteen years a girl with no name, a Redwing, has been hidden away in a small attic room within a city of hissing pipes and curving temples perched on the side of the great volcano, Mol, while her sister, Jey-identical except for her eyes-has lived her life in public as an only child. Their father had hoped the hidden girl would one day grow up to be a normal human girl and not the wicked creature mythology has promised, so he secretly spared her life as an infant.
But when she switches places with her sister, striking up a flirtation with the son of the Empress while working in the royal gardens and gets attacks by two suspicious priests on her journey home, she is forced to call forth fire to protect herself, unleashing her previously dormant powers and letting her secret out. She soon catches the attention of a cult with a thousand year old grudge as well as a group of underground rebels, both seeking her for their own gain. But when her sister goes missing and the Redwing uncovers a great plot to awaken Mol and bring fiery destruction upon them all, she is forced to embrace her powers.
Jey and hers sister were born twins, the children of a human and an Other. When twins are born, a priest will come and bless them and make sure they are human. If an other is born, they are immediately killed. But Jey and her twin's parents loved them very much. Their mother dies protecting them and their father flees with them. Jey goes to Temple and learns while her sister, who has no name, spends her time in a glass room on the top of their home, hidden from sight. 
But when Jey and her sister switch places, the sister is attacked and and she uses magic to save herself. She finds help with a resistance and almost finds death with a religious cult. 
Her sister goes missing and the newly recognized Redwing will do anything to save her. Including helping the Resistance to take out an artifact that could prevent destruction.
I enjoyed this book very much. I was stuck at home after having surgery, bored out of my mind, and this book kept me occupied. I couldn't put it down, I read it in a couple of hours, and was sad that I had finished it. I liked Redwing, I hated her twin sister (which makes me feel bad because I have an identical twin sister myself). I wish there had been more emphasis on the secondary characters, but it was great.

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