Monday, April 4, 2016

Return to Gandiegow with Patience Griffin

Life isn't going as planned and Sadie Middleton is rethinking her whole future. Thankfully one thing is staying the same: She's able to share her love of quilting with her grandmother Gigi. The two of them enter a contest and win an all-expenses-paid trip to the Kilts and Quilts retreat in the Scottish Highlands. But their victory turns hollow when Gigi passes away before they can go. Sadie is grief-stricken, but her brother convinces her to take the trip to Gandiegow anyway.

There she meets a charming circle of quilters who remind her of her grandmother—and Ross Armstrong, a handsome fisherman who brings a smile to her face. Newly single, Ross intends to enjoy his freedom. That plan goes awry as he comes to know Sadie—and a surprising spark is lit. Too bad some well-meaning folks want to protect Ross from getting hurt again and are determined to keep him and the American lass apart. . . .

Ms Griffin never ceases to surprise me with the heartwarming tales coming from Gandiegow, Scotland. The close bonds of the townspeople make me long to visit and become one of them. 

Sadie and her grandmother won a quilt block contest to go to a quilt retreat in Gandiegow, but before they got word that they had won, Sadie's Gigi died. Not long before that, Sadie was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, she would eventually need a transplant. Sadie's brother Oliver thought it would be best if they made the trip to Scotland, so he packed them up and off they went. 

Ross Armstrong has watched his brothers fall in love and marry and he just doesn't think its for him, but ever since Pippa married Max, the whole town is after him to date. On top of that, he isn't sure if fishing is what he wants to spend his life doing. Then Sadie blows into town. Her haunted eyes draw him and he can't help but rescue her. Deydie sticks her nose in as always, but this time in a bad way, telling Ross he doesn't need a sickly girl. Ross comes to find out exactly how strong Sadie is.  

I'm really not good at summaries of what books are about. Read the description, then read the book, or don't read the description, just make sure to read the book! I started reading this series back when the first book came out and with the coming of book five, I still adore them and sit on pins and needles waiting for the next one. Thank you, Ms Griffin, for such fantastic stories to fill my time between work and homework and family. They are the perfect retreat. :)

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