Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Books I read this week..

Rangers Apprentice #10 Emporor of Nihon-Ja.... This was a great book. I have loved the entire series!  This is supposedly the ending of the series, however.. I think he left it a bit open to continue it in a different direction, maybe new characters... I hope so at least!

Eona: the Last Dragoneye by Alison Goodman.. Book #2.. I think this series is ending with the second one, but it was great. Young Adult fantasy.  In the first book, Eon is actually an EonA, who has for several years been pretending to be a boy. Forced into it, actually. Anyways, if you like dragons, and are enchanted with Asian mythology and stuff, this would be good. Gah, loved 'em so much, I bought them.

Nora Roberts' new book Chasing Fire.. yeah, having to force myself to read it. I like the story line, about smoke jumpers in Montana. But, nobody dies until halfway through the book. *sigh* Very disappointed, because her last book "The Search" was sooooo good.

Currently reading "Red Glove" by Holly Black, sequel to "White Cat". Its an interesting mix of witchcraft, called curseworking, and the mob and private schools. I enjoyed the first one. We will see what happens with this second one.

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