Sunday, November 27, 2011


Destined by PC Cast- have I ever mentioned how much I love the House of Night series? And that its a million times more awesome than Twilight could ever hope to be? It has Cherokee Indian Legend, Wicca, magic, and vampires.. This is number.. 6? 7? in the series, start at the beginning or you will be LOST.

Death Cure by James Dashner- last in the Maze Runner trilogy.. not goin to talk about it because lots of people havent read it.. If you liked the Hunger Games, then this series is a good choice.

The Dragon Who Loved Me by GA Aiken- great romantic fantasy about dragon shapeshifters. This is a ROMANCE. But still neat as hell. This is number.. 4.. or 5.. start at the beginning!!  You know how I am about series :D

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