Monday, January 28, 2013

Adrian nails it on the head with Edge of Dawn!

Twenty years has passed since the events of Darker Than Midnight, when Breed were outed to the human world. Young Mira is now a young woman, fully trained in the art of weaponry and a force to be reckoned with.  She and her patrol roam the night, still putting the beat down on Rogue vampires.  Lucan is the head of the Breed and now has more political endeavors, that he does not enjoy, as a summit approaches.  Mira has grown into a beautiful woman who fell in love with Kellen Archer, the boy who survived a horrendous attack on his Darkhaven with his grandfather and were taken in by the Order.  Kellen was killed in an attack on a warehouse eights years before and Mira still seeks vengeance.
But in her quest for vengeance, she attacks an unarmed human who is known to deal drugs and work in the black market. She is pulled from active duty and given the task of protecting a sheltered scientist so he can safely make it to an award ceremony.  Upon arrival she finds him being kidnapped by rebels and in the process is taken herself. The mysterious Bowman, leader of the rebels at first seems like a cold hearted killer, but he is not who he portrays himself to be. 
I love this new story line that Adrian is moving towards. I am anxious to hear about Nathan, born from a Breedmate and raised to be a killer but rescued by the Order.  All the characters of old come together to save the Breed race. It was absolutely amazing! Definitely high regards to Adrian for Edge of Dawn!

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