Monday, January 28, 2013

Hip Check by Deirdre Martin makes me feel all gooey inside!

The new New York Blades book by Deirdre Martin made me feel all goeey inside.  I am not a hockey fan, but I adore this series.  Each new title brings much excitement to my eyes.  Esa Saari is a Finnish playboy who plays for the Blades. His sister dies in a plane crash and he gains custody of his eight year old neice. Immediately, he hires a nanny because his schedule is extremely hectic and makes him unavailable to the depressed, sad child all the time. Nanny Michelle Beck comes highly recommended and hits it off with young Nell rather quickly. Of course, Esa has no clue what to do with a child, but Michelle helps. And of course love blossoms.

I really enjoyed this book! It is a great heart-warming story with the action of the ice (I still don't want to watch a hockey game though!). I suggest anyone read it.. you can even read it and then go back and read the rest! Happy Reading!

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