Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Alexis Morgan's "A Reason to Love" is a heart wrenching story with a happy ending!


After a devastating tour in Afghanistan, all Spencer Lang wants is for life to return to normal. But when he rides into his hometown on his Harley, he learns that his friends and family have tried to move past their heartbreak since he was reported killed-in-action—and the woman he loved is about to marry his best friend. Now, all he can do is pick up the pieces of his life.

Years ago Melanie Wolfe left town, with no intention of ever coming back. But when her father dies, she reluctantly returns home to salvage the family business. Reuniting with Spencer, her high school crush, complicates the already thorny situation, especially when she begins losing her heart to him all over again.

As Spencer and Melanie work to restore order to her family’s company, two damaged hearts face an unexpected new future that is filled with possibilities…and love.

Spence is alive! Melanie Wolfe is at the cemetery visiting her father's grave when she see's a soldier standing at Spence Lang's grave. Thinking he is a soldier from the unit come for Callie and Nick's wedding, she goes to speak to him and is shocked to see that it is Spence himself!

Spence is pretty ticked at his friends for taking over his life and his house. Sure, they didn't know that he had been a prisoner of war and that he wasn't dead, but that really doesn't matter. After treating Callie and Nick like crap after their wedding, he takes off for the local watering hole (the one Leif got arrested at!). Melanie is pretty concerned about him so she skips the reception and goes to find  him. After dragging his drunk behind home that night she offers him a place to stay and a temporary job until he figures out what he wants to do.
Spence has so much anger built up inside that he has no clue what he wants to do. Should he just leave town? But he has to make a decision about the house first. And Melanie keeps wrangling her way into his thoughts all the time. Whats the next step?

This book was fantastic. When I first started it I was like "Oh My God, Spence is ALIVE?!?!" and went on to read that he had been a prisoner of war. How awful for him! Broke my heart! Anyways, it was fabulous, and I loved it, and I think the next book should be about our dear Sheriff! Just my two cents! Have a great day!

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