Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Emily March's newest Eternity Springs book "Dreamweaver Trail"

*********Thanks to Edelweiss and NetGalley for advanced galleys of this title************

After another lonely Valentine’s Day, Gabi Romano trades mountain snowfall for sunshine and sand at a luxurious Caribbean getaway. There she finds not one but two thrilling new passions: creating art glass, and Flynn Brogan, the sexy caretaker next door who brings her fantasies to life. But when violence interrupts their romantic interlude, she learns that Flynn is living a lie. Heartsick, she decides to concentrate on her craft. Playing with fire is safer than loving a man like Flynn.
Flynn is determined to make things right with Gabi—until his enemies interfere. Now damaged and driven by a need he cannot define, he seeks out Gabi’s Colorado community as a mystery man searching for peace, though not expecting redemption. But he never imagined a place like Eternity Springs, where lives are changed, second chances are given, and the possibility exists for two wounded souls to find their way home . . . to each other. 

Emily March continues to charm her readers with the residents of Eternity Springs. Gabi is at a loss with what to do with her life. After the shooting, she resigns from her position on the police force, never wanting to pick up a gun again. She helped her mother open the bed and breakfast but its not what she wants to do. Her siblings are falling in love and having babies.  So, Gabi takes a four month long job on a Caribbean island taking care of a young Newfoundland pup whose owners are on an extended vacation. First off, as the owner of a Newfoundland, I love it! Bismarck is awesome. I wish he was a little more in the story lol. 

Flynn has been through everything imaginable. He's young, rich with a deceased wife that everyone believes he murdered because she cheated on him. He was acquitted, but that doesn't seem to change anything. His own father has disowned him. He changed his name and his hiding out on a little Caribbean island when a big black puppy runs onto his property followed by a knockout redhead. After one conversation with her, he wants to know more, but he is wary because paparazzi hide out in strange places. Gabi intrigues him though.

After a year of being at loose ends, Gabi finally finds what she is looking for. A career, a passion for something. 

Okay, not sure what else I can say, but the book was, of course, fabulous. Because Ms March never delivers anything that isn't fabulous!

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