Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Feb 2015 Jennifer Ryan's new Montana Men series starts with At Wolf Ranch

************Thank you Edelwiess for an advanced copy of this title*************

Ella witnesses her identical twin sister’s murder, though her uncle sets it up to look like she died. Knowing she’s next, she makes a run for it, grabbing her sister’s purse and suitcase, she assumes her sister’s identity and flies to Montana, the last place her sister went. She hopes to discover why her sister went to their Montana ranch - the place their parents died in a small plane crash when they were young teens. When she arrives, she discovers the ranch has been sold to the man who saved her from the side of the road in a snowstorm—Gavin McBride.

Gavin has invested every dime he has in the house and property next door. He’s got the seed money to buy his heard of cattle and really make a go of his ranch. Ella threatens everything, but he can’t help falling for the pampered, headstrong beauty. He wants her land. She wants her home. People are looking for her, her sister is dead, but he’s not convinced she’s the quiet, shy woman he met originally. No, she’s the socialite party girl, who’d never agree to a quiet ranch life with him. Still, he do everything possible to keep her safe and punish those responsible for her sister’s death, so that she gets her inheritance and the life she’s meant for. Unless he can convince her to make a life with him

Ella receives a strange phone call from her twin sister, Lela. She is arguing with their uncle. Ella runs home just in time to witness her uncle kill her sister. Right in front of her, the uncle and a police detective hatch a plan to blame it all on Ella. So she runs.
She takes off for Montana, to go to the Wolf Ranch, where she spent much time as a child before her parents died. Ella finds out her sister had just gone to Montana, and she is betting that the "evidence" Lela had on her uncle is hidden there.

After hitching a ride with the wrong sort, Ella is thrown out in the cold and is rescued by Gavin McBride. Gavin thinks she is Lela, and she doesn't correct him. Til he sees a news report about Lela being dead and Ella missing. Ella tells Gavin all about her uncle, and it comes to light that Gavin was completely screwed by Ella's uncle, he is determined to help Ella put him behind bars.

I really enjoyed this title. I liked Ella, although as an identical twin myself, I don't think I could stand it if my twin died like that. I would probably have to be institutionalized. Ella was a strong character, and Gavin was the perfect knight in shining armor. This is definitely worth the read, and I can't wait for future books in the series!

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