Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Robyn Carr and Thunder Point return with "One Wish February 2015

Grace Dillon was a champion figure skater until she moved to Thunder Point to escape the ruthless world of fame and competition. And though she's proud of the quiet, self-sufficient life she's created running a successful flower shop, she knows something is missing. Her life could use a little excitement. 

In a community where there are few eligible singles, high school teacher Troy Headly appoints himself Grace's fun coach. When he suggests a little companionship with no strings attached, Grace is eager to take him up on his offer, and the two enjoy…getting to know each other. 

But things get complicated when Grace's past catches up with her, and she knows that's not what Troy signed up for. Faced with losing her, Troy realizes Grace is more than just a friend with benefits. He's determined to help her fight for the life she always wished for but never believed she could have—and maybe they can find real love along the way.

Grace has never had a real relationship. She grew up on the national ice skating circuit with a overbearing mother. She is afraid to let anyone know who she is because she was not portrayed as a great person by the media. 

We met Troy in the previous book, he had dated Iris but it just didn't click. He's a high school teacher who enjoys outdoorsy type of stuff. He and Grace become friends and eventually more, but he knows she is hiding something, and even after finding out what it is (behind her back) he's willing to be there for her. 

When her mother comes back into her life, Grace has hard decisions. Troy is there with her the whole way to help. But can Grace get over her past to go forward with her future?

Of course, its a love story by Robyn Carr! 

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