Monday, June 24, 2013

A New "If you liked Hunger Games, try these" list June 2013

The Read Alikes for Hunger Games have kind of been beaten to death, but I have found some new ones that can be added to the list that I really liked.

Alexandra Bracken has started a series, I'm not sure if they ever named the series, but book one is The Darkest Minds.  It was amazing. I think I posted about it before. The sequel, Never Fade, comes out in October. I was the lucky recipient of a galley of that one, and once again, O.M.G. It was equally amazing.  Pretty much a virus has taken out most of the kids and teenagers in the US.  The ones left have, of course, superhuman powers!  They are gathered up, color coded depending on their abilities, and sent to live in some sort of concentration camp. Ruby is the main character. She's been in one of these camps for around six years.  Someone gets her out and the "fun" of course starts. This, I think, is the next Hunger Games craze, if only we can get the word out!

Bethany Frenette ... Dark Star.. This book came out last year and it is great!  Audrey thinks her mom is a superhero called "Morningstar" but in reality, she isn't fighting criminals, she is after demons! I really liked this book and can't wait for another!

The Vicious Deep by C√≥rdova, Zoraida .. Tristan is an ordinary teenager with extraodinary swimming skills, until one day a storm comes and washes him out to sea. He appears on the beach one day, three days later, and his world turns upside down.  he is the grandson of the Sea King, and now he has to partake in a tournament of sorts to win the crown.   The sequel to this one, Savage Blue, just came out as well. I very much enjoyed both of them. Let me tell ya, mermaids are definitely not like Ariel! 

Richelle Mead... Gameboard of the Gods.. this is a new adult series by Mead but its an awesome mix of a dystopian novel mixed with mythology. I liked it so much that I bought a copy.  I don't have words about how much I liked this book. 

Blood of Eden series by Julie Kagawa.. Its more of a paranormal series, but they are still really good. Book one, Immortal Rules, was a little slow to get into, but book 2 Eternity Cure is really good.

I have I ever talked about Sherrilyn Kenyon's Chronicles of Nick series? So, Kenyon has been my favorite author of all time for over ten years now.  I was so stinking mad when she took one of my favorite characters from her adult paranormal romance series, the Dark Hunters, and stuffed him into a young adult series. Why was I so angry? Because I am still waiting, ten years later, for Nick Gautier to grow up and have his happy ever after.  There are, I believe, going to be 8 books in the CON series, and only four are out so far. I did not like the first one. However, now I understand why she is writing them.  The first book, Invincible, has this whole teenagers turning into zombies thing going on it it. Its extremely hilarious, not way deep like Hunger Games.  But Kenyon also put in this awesome sub story line of anti bullying, and has started a big campaign for it. I LOVE it! Its awesome.

I think that is all I have for right now, unless I rack my brain and think of more. Have a great day!

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