Monday, June 24, 2013

Not your ordinary mermaid story!!.. Move over Ariel, Tristan is here to steal the girls' hearts!

Tristan is an ordinary teenager with extrodinary swimming skills, until one day a storm comes and washes him out to sea. He appears on the beach one day, three days later, and his world turns upside down.  he is the grandson of the Sea King, and now he has to partake in a tournament of sorts to win the crown. In this sequel to the Vicious Deep, Tristan and company are off on more "adventures" to find another piece of the trident.  Lots of twists and turns and a "WOAH! ending!

I found these titles off chance on goodreads and was able to get a galley of Savage Blue. Well ,heck, I didnt realize it was the second book in a series, so off I went and had the library order book one. I am ever so glad that I did.  I absolutely adored these books and I can't wait for another! Thank you so much!

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