Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sanctuary Cover series by Lily Everett

I received a title from NetGalley by Lily Everett called "Heartbreak Cove"... I started reading, really liked it.. Oops! Its number three! So what did I do, went out and got books one and two! I am so incredibly glad I did!

Sanctuary Island is a place of love, laughter, healing, and forgiveness. The wild horses running around the island give the people a sense of wonderment and they are fiercely protective of them, and of each other.

Sanctuary Cove is book one brings us to Ella and Merry Preston. Years ago, their father took them from their alcoholic mother. Emotionally distant, Ella learned to take care of Merry on her own. And years later, Ella is still trying her best to take care of Merry. Extremely pregnant Merry has decided that it is time to meet and make up with her mother. Ella doesn't really want anything to do with it, but she wants to support her sister so she agrees to go with her to Sanctuary Island. Then she meets Grady, a rough handyman who makes her heart skip a beat. But Ella finds out her mom is in a tough spot and about to lose the family home and stables, she thinks of a plan to get Merry to leave but also to save her the house and land. 

Shoreline Drive is book 2 and is about Merry and the good vet Doc Ben. Ben helped in the delivery of Merry's son during a horrible storm. Ben is quite attached to Alex, and to Merry as well. He proposes a marriage of convenience, hoping that Merry will learn to love him. But his parents scheme to break them up, stooping to finding Merry's son's father.

Heartbreak Cove is book three and it just released this week. Sheriff Andie has butted heads with Sam Buchanan before, but his gruff manner sneaks past her defenses. Her brother's daughter, one she didn't know existed, is thrust on her when the girl's mother dies and Owen is overseas with the Army Rangers. The girl is very wary of Andie, its obvious her mother didn't care for her as she should. Caitlin gets attached to Sam and to Queenie, the horse he rescued and is trying to save. The past always comes to haunt though, when Sam's past catches up to him.

This series is perfect for fans of Susan Mallery and Robyn Carr. I loved them!

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