Saturday, June 21, 2014

Beth Ciotta's Cupcake Lovers return with "In the Mood for Love"

***************Thank you NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book************
Sugar Creek, Vermont, is a world away from Los Angeles for high-powered, media-obsessed Harper Day. When she took the job doing publicity for the Cupcake Lovers, she never expected to be won over by the town’s old-fashioned charms. But that was before she moved into the Victorian vacation home of her dreams and fell in with a man whose good looks and irresistible ways are anything but small-town…
Sam McCloud is a widowed father of two. He and bossy, big-city Harper appear to have nothing in common… though the attraction they feel toward one another cannot be denied. But will their romance last longer than the day’s headlines? There’s more to Harper than meets the eye, and as it turns out, she needs to get married—fast. Little does Harper know that family-man Sam will do whatever it takes to keep her in Sugar Creek—even if that means taking matters into his own hands. And never letting her go…in the fourth novel in the Cupcake Lovers series, In the Mood For Love.

Beth Ciotta has returned us to Sugar Creek and another tale from the Cupcake Lovers. Sam and Harper have had a secret affair going on for a little while, but when Harper loses her job and with that her workers visa, she has to come up with something to be able to stay in the US. Sam suggests getting married. Harper, at first not sure what to think, agrees. But she's afraid her past will catch up with her and ruin her chances at happiness. 

We again to meet the awesome cast and crew of the Cupcake Lovers! Babies are on their way, Daisy is up to her usual tricks, but there is only one Cupcake Lovers meeting! But its okay, for recipes are in the back of the book! I love this series. Its just so.. happy! It makes me feel good. Thank you, Ms Ciotta, for everything you do for your fans!

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