Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cordova returns with the final Vicious Deep book "Vast and Brutal Sea"

********************Thank you NetGalley for a review copy of this book****************

I actually stumbled upon the second book Savage Blue on NetGalley and thought it sounded interesting. I had the library quickly order book 1, The Vicious Deep, and read it quickly. I loved it. Then I read the second book and loved it as well! Then NetGalley put out book 3 and I was hoping up and down with joy! It didn't disappoint.


 After a heartless betrayal and challenging decisions in vicious circumstances, the ancient battle for the Sea King’s throne continues. Only two days are left until the race for the Sea Court throne is finally over, but the rules have drastically changed. The evil sea witch Nieve has captured Layla, the only girl that Tristan has ever loved, and plots to raise an army of mutant sea creatures to overthrow the crown. Facing off his traitorous and selfish brother, Kurt, Tristan will have to travel to the mysterious and lost Isle of Tears to unleash the magic of the powerful scepter he now holds. This epic clash of sand and sea will pit brother against brother—and there can only be one winner.

Kurt has betrayed him and Layla has been kidnapped by Nieve. Tristan is out to find the Sleeping Giants, believing they will help him win the war. But instead he ends up trapped on a misty island, having to learn the River clan ways before he can leave. Luckily time outside the island moves differently and the outside world is almost at a standstill. Tristan's main goal is to rescue Layla, but harsh decisions must be made because Nieve is making her move. Now.

Okay, yeah LOVED IT! The book kept me going through the whole thing. I couldn't put it down. I had never heard of Zoraida Cordova until Vicious Deep came out, but you can bet that she is on my must read author list now!

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