Saturday, June 21, 2014

World of Warcraft... again

I have finished 7 more WoW novels. I am just... Obsessed I should say with these books. Yeah the writing isnt perfect, but I find them to be extremely interesting. The game is 10 years old, and I just started playing. It is so awesome to read the back stories! To see where character races come from, the history of the different wars. Things like, the orcs aren't inherently evil, they were possessed by demons!

Arthas started out a good kid, but turned bad, because of a demon! The Burning Legion is the basis of all evil in Azeroth. They creeped into so many different people and places. Yet the Alliance constantly fights back and defeats the Horde! There are some gaping holes though. Cataclysm. I still don't know how that happened. There wasn't a book written about that time period. Arthas.. How did he die? Once again no book about that time period. I finally found out how Garrosh came to succeed Thrall. However I dont know how Garrosh got to Azeroth, because the last I knew the Dark Portal was destroyed.

Despite that, I love these darn books! I have.. five or six more to read. I am on Wolfheart now, which gives information about the Worgens.

So if you play the game, you should really read the books! They are so interesting!

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