Thursday, August 18, 2011

Retribution by Sherrilyn Kenyon.. sad.. but true..

So, anyone who really knows me, will know that I ADORE Kenyon. I am a total minion.  I pray upon Acheron n stuff.  The greek mythology, the Atlantis stuff, the shapeshifters, this series has everything I want in a book. Until now.

This is book like 60 (or more like 16 or 17) in this series.  Somewhere along the way, Kenyon has lost her original characters and storyline.  Retribution follows Sundown, a Dark Hunter we met in early books but didn't have a big presence.  He's a gunslinger from the 1800's West.. But then Kenyon goes off into this Cherokee Indian and other tribes mythologies.  I miss the Greek myth. I miss Ash. I miss Nick (see post on Winging It to see how I feel about the Chronicles of Nick young adult series).  There's half as many words on the pages as can actually fit. Its as many words that would fit into a paperback, but they spread em out and made lots of white space on the page, just so they can print it in Hardcover and make more money.

Kenyon is starting to lose her minions, sad to say. The book was fine, read it because its hers, but don't buy it, borrow it from the public library.

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