Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tera Lynn Childs.. young adult author

For readers of Twilight, who want something a little more light hearted, Tera Lynn Childs is a great read.

She has, so far, two series.  Oh.My.Gods. and the sequel Goddess Boot Camp... and Forgive My Fins and Fins are Forever.

OMGs is about a teenage girl who's mother marries this Greek dude, and they have to move to Greece. She ends up going to a private school that is full of people that are descended from Greek gods. 

FaF is about a mermaid princess, livin her teenage years on shore with her mother's sister.  She returns to the sea for visits n stuff tho.  I really liked this series! They are fun, flirty, and just downright enjoyable!

She has a new series starting later this year, the first book is titled Sweet Venom, and it apprears to have another Greek theme, about 3 teenage girls who are descended from Medusa).

So, these books are all really good, that's my comment, lol.

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