Thursday, August 18, 2011

Winging it by Deborah Cooke.. Young Adult

So, I love Deborah Cooke's DragonFire series.. This is a spinoff series made for young adults. If you remember, in the adult paranormal romance novels, Zoe is just a baby. In this YA series, she is a teenager, and just growing into her powers as Wyvern..  She goes to a dragon boot camp, along with the sons of the people from previous books. There's some new twists and turns.

Honestly, I DO NOT LIKE when an author takes characters from an adult series and starts a young adult series (eh, EM Sherrilyn Kenyon).  I want adult books about these characters, and with an new young adult series going, it means it will be FOREVER before we get a book. That just makes me mad.

I did like this one tho. Theres another scheduled for December and another in Spring 2012 so yay.

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