Saturday, August 16, 2014

Kylie Scott's Stage Dive series is awesome!

Everyone who knows me, knows that I dislike self published books. Grammatical errors drive me absolutely batty and when books are self published, they usually do not have copy editors. However, this series, which has been picked up by St Martins in the US, was different.

Lick is the first book. Evelyn woke up in a Las Vegas hotel room, hungover as hell with a very HOT tattooed guy next to her. Wait, she got married?! She has absolutely no recollection of this very hot tattooed guy but apparently she married him. David is pissed that Evelyn doesn't remember him. He storms out of the room letting her know that annulment papers would be on the way.

What Evelyn doesn't know is that her husband is David Ferris, the hot guitarist from the major rock band Stage Dive. The press has a field day about Evelyn and pretty much stalk her like crazy. Her father is ticked about the situation she is in and that she has completely screwed up the plan. Evelyn is a college student majoring in architecture. David comes to her rescue and flies her to Los Angeles, hoping to help her keep out of the media eye until their annulment takes place and they leave her alone.

The crush of the party taking place at the house has Evelyn on edge. Mal, the drummer for the band, takes Evelyn away, which really ticks off David who comes after them. David takes her to his place on the beach. During their time together, Evelyn remembers small things about the night she married David. She can see what she saw in him. She is drawn to him like she has never been drawn to a person before. He is a caring person, sensitive. David's writing funk has gone and he is writing the best songs of his career, thanks to Evelyn.  But things kept pulling them apart. Can they work things out?

This book was awesome. Not my usual kind of read, more of a New Adult genre than the usual romance I read. And, lemme tell ya, Mal's book "Play" and Jimmy's book "Lead" were just as great. Everyone, go forth and read! The next book, Ben's book, comes out in January and I sooo cannot wait!

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