Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tracy Solheim's Out of Bounds series is great!

I recently went looking for more sports romances. I loved Deirdre Martin's hockey series, and I don't even like hockey! I also loved Susan Elizabeth Phillips' Chicago Stars/Buchanan brothers series. So I really wanted some new sports romances, and I went on Amazon and looked around and found this series. I read book one, and loved it. Waited and waited... had the library get book 2 and 3.. 3 came first, waited another week before 2 came. Frustrating!! I wanted to read them in order, I cant stand reading books out of order!
So before I go on, let me give you a description of book one.

With a reputation for fast moves on the gridiron and even faster moves off the field, Shane Devlin was a player in every sense of the word. Unfortunately, his bad-boy persona has made him a risky prospect as a quarterback, and only the Baltimore Blaze are willing to give him a chance. And he’s about to take a hit he never expected.

Working for the Blaze, Carly March knows too well how jocks think—and what they think with—so she’s always made a point of keeping them at arm’s length. But when she shares a kiss with the devilishly handsome Shane, she finds it hard to play by her own rules—and even harder to resist him.

Can a football hero and a business-minded beauty take it all the way? Or will their mutual attraction cost them the big game?

Carly first runs into Shane while she is on vacation. Where he has no clue who she is, she knows exactly who he is. And that she's going to be forced to work with him. He's the new quarterback for the Baltimore Blaze. The Blaze team is very family friendly and they tell Shane has to work on his reputation. It needs to be a lot more clean. The last thing Carly wants to do is keep track of this guy, but when her friend is injured, Carly steps up to help out. 

Shane has never has a good relationship with his father. Matter of a fact, he wants absolutely nothing to do with him. But when his father and stepmother are killed, the will states that they want Shane to take care of his little brother. Shane, of course, really has a fit about it and says for the boy to go to his grandparents. Troy shows up though with a few friends from his father's coaching job at the university. Carly steps up to help the boy, who has been through quite enough already!  Can she bring Shane and Troy together, without falling completely in love with both of them?

I really enjoyed this book. I also enjoyed the next two books and I am on pins and needles waiting, because she is going to write another book set in North Carolina, where book 2 mostly took place. 

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