Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sharon Sala's conclusion to the Stormchaser series is finally here! Three cheers for "Going Gone"!

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The final storm of the season could be their last. 

After barely escaping death when her plane crashed deep in the Rocky Mountains during a snowstorm, Laura Doyle is left with a lingering fear for her life. Her lover, FBI agent Cameron Winger, reassures her that he found her then and always will. But Laura is right to be afraid, because when their engagement is announced it signals to a madman that it's time for his killing spree to begin again. 

Twice thwarted by Cameron and his partners, the Stormchaser pairs random acts of God with deliberate acts of evil. His final act of vengeance will finish his twisted vendetta by taking from Cameron the thing he loves most: Laura. 

As law enforcement struggles to connect the gruesome murders he's committed to mask his return, the Stormchaser draws closer to his true target. But Cameron and Laura don't realize they're in the eye of the storm—and this time, being unprepared for the onslaught could spell disaster.

Ms Sala went a slightly different route with her romance this time. Laura and Cameron met in previous books and at the start of this one, they are already in love.  Laura is on a business trip and on her way back to DC, her plane goes down in the Rocky Mountains. The only survivor, and forced to drastic measures so that wildlife doesn't get to her, she pulls through and Cameron is on the search team that helps find her.

After spending time in the hospital, she heads home where she has a permanent position in DC and rarely has to travel. Unbeknownst to the Stormchaser team and their women, Hershel is living large in Mexico in a retirement community. He has surgery to repair his burn scars and lost some weight. The need to kill finally gone. He makes one more trip back to New Orleans to visit his wife's grave on the anniversary of her death. During his time in Louisiana, he sees a report about the plane crash and Laura's photo. He had worked with her, his cover as a Red Cross volunteer helping him to find his previous victims. He thought they were all dead! They should have been! Now he feels he needs to even the score and heads to DC.

He chooses his victims and starts his killing spree. After the first one, the Stormchaser team thinks that Hershel is back. They can't prove it, and they all thought he was dead, but small parts of his MO are showing up on the victims.
When Cameron tells Laura he thinks the Stormchaser is back, and they all think that he is after Laura. He had tried to kill Nola and Jo. The only conclusion was he was coming for Laura. Then, there's proof that it is Hershel and the team rushes to protect Laura, who has seen him. Twice.

This book was absolutely fantastic. Heck, ALL of Ms Sala's books are fantastic, but this one, the ending brought tears to my eyes. It was so sweet. I even went and commented on her facebook page because I couldn't believe how much this book touched me. Anyways, if you haven't read the Stormchaser series, you are seriously missing out. They are a fantastic  combination of mystery and romance.

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