Friday, August 8, 2014

Melanie Scott hits a homerun with "The Devil in Denim"

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LIFE JUST THREW HER A CURVEBALL.As the team-owner’s daughter, Maggie Jameson grew up in the New York Saints’ stadium—glove, cap, hot dogs, and all. Baseball’s in her blood, and she’s always dreamed of the day when she would lead the Saints to victory herself. That was before her dad had to sell the team to Alex Winters. The fast-talking, fiercely attractive businessman has a baseball pedigree that’s distinctly minor league. Maggie wants to hate him but his skills of seduction, however, are off the charts.
WILL LOVE BE A HOME RUN?Alex could never have imagined how much this team means to Maggie. He needs her to help show the players that they’re still a family…even if he and Maggie are at the verge of exchanging blows. But her fiery determination and gorgeous looks prove irresistible to Alex. And much as he wants to relegate their relationship to the playing field—and get the Saints back in the game—Alex just can’t help himself: What he wants to win most is Maggie’s heart…in The Devil in Denim by Melanie Scott.

Maggie is absolutely TICKED that her father sold the Saints right out from under her. She was born and raised at the field, and worked her whole life towards one day taking the team over. But out of the blue, her dad sells the team. To Alex. What the heck does Alex know about baseball? He is a corporate ball buster. Yet Alex wants to hire Maggie to smooth their way with the investors and the players and other employees. Maggie desperately just wants to work with the team she was raised with and considers family, but can she work with Alex?

This was a great book! I thoroughly enjoyed it the whole way through. I loved all the crap that Maggie gave Alex, especially at the bar in the beginning. It was hilarious! This was a great read for people who enjoy Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Deirdre Martin, as well as Susan Mallery. It was just a great, fun read! 

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